20 Best Foods for a Pit Bull with Diarrhea

There are few things more challenging than a pit bull with the runs! Managing your dog’s diarrhea can be a challenge, especially if you’re feeding the wrong food. We asked our Facebook Pit Bull community the following question, “What’s the best food for a pit bull that frequently has diarrhea?” We received hundreds of replies, and we have summarized some of the best answers below.
Always remember to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your pit bull’s diet, especially if they frequently suffer from Diarrhea. There may be underlying issues that need to be addressed. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

20 Best Foods for Pit Bulls with Diarrhea


Mine was getting diarrhea, I used to give her beef bones from the butcher, as soon as I stopped, no more diarrhea and also no people food, I feed her Blue Buffalo for seniors as she’s 9 now. I do put a little beef broth in with her food.

Author: Lisa D.

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Mine just got over the same issue. He has to eat a food that has absolutely no chicken or chicken byproduct in it. I now feed him a Walmart brand called Pure Balance. It’s the bison and venison one. Grain free. He’s much better now. We did everything the vet told us. Tried probiotics nothing was working. The food switched completely fixed it.

Author: Laura A.

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Had to feed my dog raw. She was allergic to everything else I tried. Supplemented with The Honest Kitchen dehydrated fruits and veggies.

Author: Carol B.

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Right now, white rice and chicken to settle the stomach. I use Science Diet, sensitive skin and stomach for my dog. No issues whatsoever since I made the switch.

Author: Luis J.

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Rule outs first…fecal exam, including an Elisa test for Giardia or other intestinal parasites via your veterinarian. Soft stools can be indicative of many things…allergies, dietary, parasites, etc. Your veterinarian can recommend multiple modalities to help. Including, but not limited to, broad spectrum dewormings, probiotics, antibiotics, long and short term dietary changes as well as additional diagnostics. My 14yo APBT X went untreated for Giardia for an extended period when he was young and (we suspect) it was partially to blame for long term GI issues. He has been managed well for 10+ years on Purina Pro Plan EN, short term antibiotics for flares. Good luck, I understand the frustration…

Author: Karen Kolosowsky P.

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I had the same problem till my vet recommended a daily probiotic. I use Purina Pro Plan Probiotic I packet per day for a month…then 1/2 packet.

Author: Donna R.

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My blue nose had diarrhea for the first year of his life. We would give him boiled chicken and white rice and it would not help. Come to find out he has a grain allergy. We switched him over to grain-free salmon and pea hard food and fresh pet grain-free chicken soft food and we have not had a problem in almost 3 years!! Try a no grain diet. Good luck!!

Author: Angela G.

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Get your baby on a prebiotic and the honest kitchen dog food. I have many clients I Groom there dogs that have that problem and had them switch to this food help also add water to the kibble it will help too

Author: Korrine O.

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Stella and Chewy’s freeze dry duck or lamb very lean meat or Bistro raw mean . With steam vegetables. I also give one week cooked Salmon skin other weeks sardines.

Author: Beata W.

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We had to go to Hills Science Diet Sensitive Stomach along with Probiotics tablets daily.

Author: Emily H.

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Food allergies. I feed my boys. Canidae Pure Grain Free Limited Ingredient Real Lamb & Pea Dry. I rotate Lamb, Beef, Bison every three months. Also clean their paws and wipe their fur when they come in. A big one is to watch what they sniff and lick when outside. Yes be a helicopter pawrent.

Author: Albert H.

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We have been cooking home cooked food for our pit for 2 years. Rice, beef or turkey, carrots, squash and supplements. But recently my son (who did the cooking) took a job with hours that aren’t conducive to doing the cooking every 2 weeks so I tried The Farmer’s Dog and she loves it. So far, her stomach has maintained every morsel-I did do a transition with her food for about 8 days but she absolutely loves it

Author: Deborah H.

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Try Purina’s canine probiotic supplement called FortiFlora. It’s a box of 30 packets, that you can mix in food. It’s specifically for loose stool and has always worked for my dog’s diarrhea. Most pet stores sell it.

Author: Linda B.

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I’m hearing a lot of this my dog too first I thought it was science diet puppy switched to blue buffalo puppy same thing 6months old

Author: Wendy J.

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I use Purina salmon/rice sensitive stomach & skin, but check with your vet, i had to start giving mine Metronidazole for that problem, he’s going on 12 and has non aggressive skin cancer for 3 yrs.

Author: Chris K.

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My female has a sensitive tummy and can’t drink tap water, I have to filter tap through a BRITTA FILTER, I do buy SPRING WATER also, she gets a non oxygen born bacteria and it reeks havoc on her little tummy. Have you taken a stool into the Vet? How did you narrow it down to the food? I also feed them Rachael Ray NUTRISH.

Author: Dave H.

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My dog has a sensitive stomach too. We switched to simply nourish. We get it from PetSmart. High in protein. We add some salmon oil and coconut oil.

Author: Alejandro C.

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Try something without chicken – my dog gets diarrhea from chicken. I feed mine pure balance lamb and fava bean from walmart

Author: Tracy H.

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I cook for them my own, chicken tights, chicken liver some salmon or cod in the oven with carrots then I chop it for pieces with white rice some reason they don’t like brown rice for don’t get bored I put butternut squash or parsnips, sweet potato, apple, pear also cooked like a soup or oven it with the meat. Sometimes I mix with dry dog food hypoallergenic as they got so many allergies from that food what is made for them. 13 year old Pitbull and 7 yo Australian Silky Terrier.

Author: Emily C.

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We use Merrick from Petsmart. Salmon pumpkin rice they said it was really good for him and definitely boil chicken and rice. It’s a peach bag the Merrick is. And it also has fruits and vegetables in it.

Author: Crissy W.

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Always consult your vet before making any health changes to your pit bull’s diet, especially if they frequently suffer from diarrhea, as there may be other medical issues that need to be addressed. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links above may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.


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