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25 Best Foods for a Picky Eater Chihuahua

Written by: Zyra Capalac
Zyra is a Special Project Coordinator of HomeLife Media and a writer for She has 3 dogs namely Skye, Luna, and one of them is a rescue, named Tesla.Read more
| Published on February 15, 2023
We hear it all the time: “Why won’t my finicky chihuahua eat the expensive food I buy them?!” Dealing with a picky chihuahua can be frustrating, so we asked our I Love My Chihuahua Facebook community the following question, “What’s the best food for a picky eating Chihuahua?” We received hundreds of replies and summarized some of the best suggestions below.
Always remember to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your chihuahua’s diet, especially if they have any medical issues. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

25 Best Foods for a Picky Chihuahua

If you feed canned, I use American Journey, my guys love it. I order from Chewy.I have researched pet foods and their ingredients. I recommend American Journey they use good ingredients and are affordable

Author: Dennis J.

Likes: 9

If you’re able to cook, then that’s a great option! You can boil chicken (no bones or skin), add dog-safe brown rice, sweet potato/pumpkin/squash/carrot, some parsley, and other dog-safe ingredients! If you’re unable to cook, Weruva is a great brand that has quite a lot of different wet food flavors! My little guy loves them!

Author: Adrianna L.

Likes: 25

I realize there’s over a thousand comments, but….My Sven is very weird about eating. He’s typically a night loader, but occasionally likes to graze during the day. He’s an only dog, so for now he can do this. I’ve noticed over the past several years that if I give him his treat on top of his food, he will eat the treat & his kibble. I tried to feed him without this, but he would never touch his food. It’s as if he needs an appetizer before his entree! LOL. I purchase Fromm grain free lamb & lentil; surf & turf; or wild game flavors & mix at least 2 of them together. I prefer non chicken formula, but… it doesn’t bother him. Fromm has tiny bites, so it’s easy for him to eat. They also have wet food. For the past few months I’ve been making homemade jerky for him instead of buying the organic kind I typically fed him. I purchase the thin or wafer thin chicken breast & beef steak, put it in my 200 degree oven for about 3 hrs & it’s amazing. No added ingredients & I can eat it if I want. In fact, I take it when we go to the beach for a day trip & we both snack on it.

Author: Geneva M.

Likes: 3

I feed my 2 chihuahuas Science Diet Chicken or Beef and Barley. They love it. I have it delivered from Chewy.

Author: Peggy E.

Likes: 5

I feed mine Pedigree wet and dry and I feed them boneless, skinless chicken that I cook in the microwave. They love it. My poodle has diabetes so he gets fed often.

Author: Sue C.

Likes: 6

I went through the same with mine, I let them choose their food and they chose pedigree small dog food for dry and chopped ground dinner with hearty chicken moist food by pedigree and for treats they really love good n fun kabobs, you can’t go wrong with them

Author: Rose P.

Likes: 1

Mine is to but she eats Science Diet Prescription For sensitive skin and stomach for small dogs

Author: Helen M.

Likes: 3

My 15-year-old is that way he’s very picky. He loves fresh Pet. Sometimes I make my own with vegetables and leftover beef when I have some. Mainly carrots cauliflower broccoli and pureed leftover beef roast

Author: David L.

Likes: 0

Tried a lot of foods for mine all give him upset tummy, this has helped (Iams Healthy Aging)

Author: Ramona W.

Likes: 2

Boiled Chicken and rice maybe throw a few peas in it. Can Tuna once in a while, cottage cheese, yogurt, scramble eggs, broiled or baked Liver, ground Turkey with carrots, a few piece of stew meat boiled till soft add Green Beans. I’ve even fed mine what I eat = pot pie, chicken and dumplings, spaghetti squash, meatloaf with vegetables and a salad without dressing. It’s only 2 or 3 spoons he is a Lil Guy. And also Lil Ceasars wet and Small bites Beneful. (hard)

Author: Sherlye T.

Likes: 4

If you aren’t feeding any table scraps, my chi’s eat science diet small or toy bites. Table scraps make them not want dog food!

Author: Nancy J.

Likes: 4

I feed mine fresh pet salmon with no grains or preservatives,or dyes.mine is also allergic to. Any thing that has chicken, turkey, duck, shrimp just lives it

Author: June S.

Likes: 2

We cook for our babies. The vet said it good for them as well. We tried nom nom, realized we can cook the same thing we were buying. Turkey, ground beef, ground chicken. Each batch they get different veggies. We give them cucumbers for snacks. So this week they have ground beef with carrots, parsley, and broccoli

Author: Shelley Lovingme S.

Likes: 2

Just pick one with lots of nutrients and vitamins in it and stick with it you keep changing it he’s going to keep getting bored Merrick is what I feed my dogs and they love it

Author: Boni R.

Likes: 3

I started making my dogs food when my cocka-poo developed such horrible allergies. It is less expensive and healthier. Ground Turkey or Ground beef, sweet potatoes, black beans, sometimes a little rice, or canned pumpkin, and they LOVE cabbage. I sprinkle a little Blue Buffalo kibble on top for some crunch.

Author: Karen W.

Likes: 0

Mine too! I change it every couple of days , I give him royal canin for chihuahuas and I also boil chicken and add peas and carrots and maybe brown rice .

Author: Monica J.

Likes: 2

Chicken breast done in the microwave.. Iams can chicken and Beneful grain free dry food. My 11 pups love it…

Author: David T.

Likes: 1

My schnauzer and chihuahua are picky too and beneful purina wet food canisters saved my life! They love the different flavors the food comes in!

Author: Ilse C.

Likes: 0

My 1 loves Stella & Chewy’s ancient grains kibble the other eats Lotus chicken & brown rice Senior cuz he has special dietary needs.

Author: Willie H.

Likes: 1

Dr Marty’s – The Best and so incredible to see results in every way!!

Author: Vicki T.

Likes: 1

I buy Stella and Chewy frozen raw meat patties they love them, come in a bunch of flavors

Author: Sharon C.

Likes: 1

My two chihuahuas love Earthborn dry and wet. I give them just a teaspoon of wet twice a day along with the dry. I use the weight control to keep them in shape.

Author: Jan S.

Likes: 0

Nature’s recipe chicken pumpkin and sweet potato. My baby loves this food. I also boil chicken breat for her.

Author: Tammy L.

Likes: 0

Rachel Ray is the only thing I can get mine to eat consistently, she devours it but everything else she just kind of grazes or doesn’t eat.

Author: Jesse L.

Likes: 1

Our vet just recommended Hill’s Science Diet Senior Vitality. I have an 8-yr old and a 2-yr old. They both like it.

Author: Diane S.

Likes: 0

Always consult your vet before making any health changes to your chihuahua’s diet, especially if they frequently suffer from any medical issues. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links above may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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