26 Dogs Freed From The Dog Meat Trade In China

Animal activists in China celebrated another win last week!

A warehouse containing several dogs meant for the dog meat trade was discovered in an abandoned greenhouse in Changping, China, a suburb of Beijing. 26 dogs, including 4 newborn pups were found and reported to police by members of the China Animal Protection Power, a coalition of rescue groups working to end animal abuse in their country. It is believed that many of the dogs were strays found wandering and taken to the warehouse, but others may have been pets that were stolen from their homes.

Credit: CAPP

Thanks to CAPP and Chinese police, the dogs now have a second chance at getting a life they deserve – as pets instead of livestock.

Credit: CAPP

Warehouses like this are used to hold dogs until a truckload is accumulated, then they are loaded onto trucks and shipped to a butcher. CAPP may have saved these dogs from a particularly brutal end, as some sadistic butchers believe that fear makes dog meat taste better.

Credit: Capp

Peter Li with The Humane Society International applauds CAPP for their work, and notes that their approach of working with local authorities has been hugely successful, responsible for the liberation of over 4,000 animals in the country.

Credit: CAPP

In July, CAPP worked with Chinese authorities to free and care for over 340 cats and dogs being transported for their meat. 26 may seem like very small number in comparison, but each of those is a life that now gets an opportunity to be loved.

Credit: CAPP

The criminals responsible for the warehouse were penalized, and after a night in the police department’s animal shelter, the dogs were turned over to CAPP for care. They will eventually be available for adoption to loving families, and CAPP hopes to eventually reunite the dogs that were stolen with their loved ones.

Credit: CAPP

The dog meat trade is still a profitable business in several countries, even with consumption of dog meat on the decline and more countries passing legislation to ban it. Until it’s completely eradicated, rescue organizations like CAPP will continue the fight against the mistreatment of dogs all over the world.

H/T: HSI.org

All Images Credit: CAPP via HSI.org

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