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3 Basic Behaviors You Must Teach Your Great Dane

| Published on August 30, 2016

Great Danes excel at training – you can teach them almost anything that’s physically possible for them to do. And better yet, they truly enjoy the job. Maybe you want to teach yours to turn on lights, fetch your TV remote or help you find those car keys. Or maybe you just don’t want him on the furniture. When it comes to training your Great Dane, it’s really up to you what you want to teach him. A lot will depend on your living situation and personal preferences. However, there are a few basic behaviors that all Great Danes should learn for safety reasons.

Image Source: Philhearing via Flickr
Image Source: Philhearing via Flickr

#1 – Come

A solid recall is one of the most important cues to teach your Great Dane. Knowing your dog will come when you call takes the stress away if someone leaves the front door open, your dog wanders while camping or breaks free from his leash during a walk. Almost daily I hear stories of a how a recall saved a dog’s life. It can keep them from getting lost, hit by a car if they bolt out the door, or even prevent a dog fight.

#2 – Sit To Greet

Due to their size, Great Danes can be a hazard even when they are just being friendly. While you may be able to handle your 150-pound best friend as he clamors on you for affection, others who meet him may not. This is especially true for children and seniors. To help make sure your Great Dane doesn’t cause any harm, a Sit to Greet is essential. Your Dane should sit as soon as a person approaches and stay seated while getting attention. This is a fairly simple behavior to teach that everyone meeting your Great Dane will appreciate. Starting it when he is a puppy will make training much easier on the both of you.

#3 – Leave It

Even if you don’t care if your Great Dane steals your food, eats off the floor or chews up all your shoes, Leave It is a good cue for safety reasons. If your Dane is headed toward something dangerous, a Leave It can save his life. And it’s not just for food, a solid Leave It should get your dog to turn back from a poisonous animal, dangerous ledge, or a busy freeway.

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