3 Great Ways To Strengthen Your Bond With Your German Shepherd Dog

Although we add dogs to our families for a variety of reasons, most of us do so for the relationship it provides us. The partnership and friendship of a dog is one of the most important parts of a dog lover’s life. Having a dog can even dispel feelings of depression and loneliness. German Shepherd Dogs are a natural choice for this, since they are known for being extremely loyal to their family. But this doesn’t mean you can’t work to deepen that bond. Here are 3 great ways to strengthen your bond with your German Shepherd Dog.




#1 – Play

Play is an easy and fun way to bond with your German Shepherd. Any game he enjoys is fine, just as long as you’re doing it together! Agility trainers encourage play with their students because they have found it creates dogs that listen better and work harder for their owners.

#2 – Training

Not only does training give your Shepherd the mental stimulation he needs, but it really helps your relationship. When you and your German Shepherd train together, you are learning to communicate with each other and that goes a long way to create a lasting bond. Plus, Shepherds love having a job so they will love you even more for providing one.

#3 – Learn Your Shepherd’s Language

What better way to improve your relationship and deepen your bond than to understand your German Shepherd Dog better? In order to do that, you need to learn how they communicate through body language. Dr. Sophia Yin’s website has a host of free body language posters that can help you learn to speak “dog,” which your Shepherd will greatly appreciate.

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