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3 Signs Your Beagle is Overweight


Beagles love food. Seriously, love it. And that nose is great at sniffing out anything edible. Couple that with their mad begging skills and it should be no surprise that they are a breed known for having trouble staying trim. Unless your Beagle is getting a lot of exercise, he may be pudgier than is good for him. If you are not sure how to tell, here are three signs your Beagle is overweight.

Image Source: Dale Via Flickr

#1 – No Definition

Your Beagle should have an athletic build. Regardless of which height class they fall into, they should have a nice defined chest and rib cage that slims down to their “waist” where their hips are located. If you can’t feel those ribs or tell where his rib cage ends and his hips begin, it’s probably time to diet. Dr. Sophia Yin’s website has a great, easy to follow guide for checking this.

#2 – Unable To Reach That Itch

Does your Beagle try to scratch his ear and just can’t reach? Or maybe he has a hard time biting himself. She should be able to groom herself without a struggle. If they are overly round, grooming becomes impossible. If that’s the case with your Beagle, it’s time to diet.

#3 – Easily Overexerted

Do you walk a few steps and your Beagle is already panting and wanting to stop? Barring hot weather, this is a sign that he is out of shape and probably overweight. It’s time to talk to the vet about a diet and exercise regimen that will slowly get him back on track. Be careful about pushing your Beagle to exercise more than their body can handle – that can cause problems too – so work with your vet.

Written by Kristina Lotz

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