3 Signs Your Husky Needs More Exercise

We all know Siberian Huskies were bred for running up to 100 miles a day. Clearly, they need exercise. But just because they are bred for running that much every day, does not mean they have to in order to be healthy.

I have even known lazy huskies that preferred the couch to long walks. The important thing is to pay attention to your Husky’s health and behavior to know if she is getting enough activity. The following are 3 signs your Husky needs more exercise.

Image Source: Penny Blankenship Via Flickr
Image Source: Penny Blankenship Via Flickr


#1 – Escaping

Huskies are known escape artists. There are a lot of reasons why your Husky may be trying to climb your back wall or squeeze out the cracked window, including separation anxiety. However, it can simply be because he is not getting enough exercise and is taking it upon himself to run around the neighborhood. Try adding in some extra activities and see if his jail break attempts stop. If not, contact a trainer.

#2 – Destructive Behavior

Another sign your Husky might have too much energy is if he is tearing up your house. This includes chewing on things, digging, etc. As long as you have ruled out separation anxiety, you may just need a bit more exercise and training (which is mental exercise!) to curb these behaviors.

#3 – Pestering

Does your Husky follow you around with a toy in his mouth? Maybe he paws at you or even barks at you. Some put their face in your face so you can’t ignore them. All of these are ways your Husky asks, or demands, that you do something with her. If you find your Husky does this daily, you can increase her exercise regimen and the annoying pestering should stop.

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