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3 Signs Your Jack Russell Terrier Is Overweight


It may be hard for you to imagine that a Jack Russell Terrier could become overweight. After all, they seem to be in constant motion – chasing this, barking at that. But, if you’re feeding your JRT more than he can burn off, or if you have the rare Terrier that prefers naps to runs, they can easily get chubby. Excess weight can cause a host of health problems, so you should address it as soon as you notice any gain. The following are three signs that your Jack Russell Terrier is overweight.

Image Source: Les Chatfield Via Flickr

#1 – No Definition

The Jack Russell Terrier is an athletic dog and he should look the part. They have a strong chest and rib cage with a belly that should not dip below their elbow. Their hips are not as defined as some breeds- their belly should tuck up toward their loins moderately, as they are blocky in shape. Dr. Sophia Yin’s website has a great, easy to follow guide for checking this.

#2 – Unable To Reach That Itch

A sure sign your JRT is too fat is if she cannot groom herself. With their agile body, scratching an ear or licking themselves should be no problem. An overly round body can make it hard to groom – and is a sign of being overweight.

#3 – Easily Overexerted

Do you walk a few steps and your Jack Russell is already panting and wanting to stop? Barring hot weather, this is a sign that he is out of shape and probably overweight. It’s time to talk to the vet about a diet and exercise regimen that will slowly get him back on track. Be careful about pushing your JRT to exercise more than their body can handle – that can cause problems too – so work with your vet.

Written by Kristina Lotz

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