3 Things All Boston Terrier Owners Should Know

Whether you are a new Boston Terrier owner or have owned them your entire life, there is always something more you can learn about caring for this amazing breed. Basic dog care is pretty much the same for every breed, but each breed also has things that they may need that other’s do not. While Bostons are a sturdy breed, they definitely have a couple special needs in order to live healthy lives. The following are three things all Boston Terrier owners should know.

Image Source: Anneheathen Via Flickr
Image Source: Anneheathen Via Flickr

#1 – Be Careful With Anesthesia

Because of their short-nose, Bostons can have trouble when being put under for veterinary procedures such as spay or neuter. Be sure your vet monitors heart and blood pressure while your dog is under and that they are using up-to-date anesthetic drugs, like isoflurane. For routine things, such as dental cleanings, it’s best to do anesthesia-free whenever possible and don’t put your Boston under unless it’s necessary.

#2 – Feed High Quality Food To Prevent Gas

Boston terriers are known for being a bit flatulent. Low-quality commercial food will make this worse due to the poor ingredients like corn and grains that are hard to digest. Feeding a high-quality, grain free diet can really help. In addition, have your Boston checked for allergies to make sure he is not allergic to any food, which will make the gas worse.

#3 – Keep Those Wrinkles Clean

Those adorable face wrinkles are a fantastic breeding ground for bacteria… and believe me, you do not want a Boston with a bacterial infection on his face. A situation such as this is not fun for anyone. Ideally, you should clean those wrinkles after every meal and make sure they stay dry so bacteria is not given a chance to grow.

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