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3 Things All Great Dane Owners Should Know

| Published on February 18, 2017

Great Danes are gentle giants that make excellent partners. Those that own them know just how special they are – they bond deeply with their families and fill their lives with joy. While they have the same basic needs as all dogs, Great Danes do have some special needs and issues that need to be taken into consideration to give them the best life possible. The following are three things all Great Dane owners should know.

#1 – Extra Care Must Be Taken While Feeding

Not only are they prone to bloat, but due to their size and growth rates, you need to be careful about what you are feeding your Dane and how much. Growing puppies need to be monitored so they don’t become overweight. In addition, their diet should have the right ratio of calcium to calories. You will probably end up changing their diet as they age to fit their bodies needs and keep them from developing serious health conditions. (More information on this can be found in Integrative Veterinary Journal).

#2 – They are BIG

It’s hard to think about when you pick up that small puppy, but they become very large dogs – they may even end up weighing as much as or more than you. This is something to consider when it comes to bathing, walking and helping them get around as they get older. It’s one thing to pick up a senior Cocker Spaniel and put him in your car – it’s another thing altogether to do that with a Dane!

#3 – They Are Prone To Health Issues

Great Danes have a host of inherited diseases as well as many that can develop (such as cancer and arthritis) that all owners should be aware of so they can monitor their Dane’s health. Danes reach “senior status” a lot quicker than smaller breeds and may need more frequent vet visits to check their vitals. Being prepared for large vet bills is a good idea with this breed.

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