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3 Things Your Beagle Loves More Than Anything


Beagles are – without a shadow of a doubt – a breed that definitely lets you know what they like or don’t like. Some of the things they love may not be things you are too happy about, but that’s what makes this breed unique. They definitely have interesting… tastes. The following are three things your Beagle loves more than anything. Two of them probably drive you crazy.

#1 – Following Their Nose

When a Beagle picks up a scent, they tune everything else out. It’s the main reason why most people say to never trust them off leash. This doesn’t mean they can’t be taught to resist this urge, I’ve known Beagles who compete in agility. However, it does make off-leash training more of a challenge.

#2 – Eating Poop

I worked at a doggie day care for many years and I never saw a breed with such an affinity for eating poop. As soon as another dog was going – while he was still going – any Beagle in the room would be right there, trying to eat it before the dog was even finished! This is definitely a taste that frustrates owners. Maybe it has something to do with their nose, but Beagles just seem to love to eat poop. Making sure yours is on a proper diet can help with this. Also, keep your yard clean and watch him on walks so he doesn’t have the opportunity to indulge in this habit.

#3 – Exercise

This last one probably doesn’t bother you so much, unless you are more of a sedentary person, in which case you and your Beagle may be at odds with each other. Beagles love exercise and without it, they can be destructive. So it’s to your benefit to make sure your Beagle gets plenty of exercise. Doing scent work training can give him exercise while letting him follow his nose – two of his favorite things!

Written by Kristina Lotz

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