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3 Things Your Bull Terrier Loves More Than Anything

If you own a Bull Terrier, you know that they pretty much love life and everything in it. The world is their dog bone and they want nothing more than to soak up every little thing. They do have a few things, however, that they enjoy above all else. Knowing what your dog loves is great because you can use these things as rewards for training, or just to spoil them. The following are three things your Bull Terrier loves more than anything.

#1 – Attention

The Bull Terrier is an attention hog! They want every person they meet to dote on them. They may be heavy, but given the chance, they will find a way to fit on your lap. This personality makes them an endearing companion and it makes training easy – a Bull Terrier will do almost anything for a little love!

#2 – Exercise

People often think that because they are a short, stocky breed like the English Bulldog, that Bull Terriers do not need a lot of exercise. In reality, Bull Terriers love to play and run. Although they may only do it for a short spurts at a time (they are not a Husky, after all), they do love exercise and need it daily to be happy.

#3 – Getting Their Way

This last one can cause frustration with Bull Terrier owners. They are known for having a strong will and testing boundaries. They love to get their way, which can make training a challenge. The trick is to get your Bull Terrier to think that your way is their way and positive reinforcement training is a great way to accomplish this. For example, you teach him that he has to sit anytime he wants something. You wanted your dog to sit, and now he wants to sit as well because it gets him what he wants – the treat, toy, etc. You will get what you love – a dog that listens – and your Bull Terrier will think he is getting his way. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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Written by Kristina Lotz
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