3 Things Your English Bulldog Loves More Than Anything

English Bulldogs are one of the most recognizable breeds in the world. They are used as mascots, in commercials, and in artwork. The combination of the cute wrinkles, their waddle-walk, and their larger-than-life personalities just draws people to them. If you are lucky enough to own a Bully, you probably do everything you can to spoil him. If you are new to the breed or just wanting to know what yours may enjoy, the following are three things most English Bulldogs love more than anything.

Image Source: Schnaars Via Flickr
Image Source: Schnaars Via Flickr

#1 – Attention

English Bulldogs are known for vigorously soliciting attention from everyone. Some may even consider them a little needy because of this trait. But, if you are looking to spoil your Bully, know that some extra attention is all it takes to make them feel like the luckiest dog on Earth.

#2 – Games

Although they do not need a lot of exercise, English Bulldogs can be an active breed and they enjoy playing games with you. Many love a good game of fetch with a ball or a flying disc. And of course, the breed is known for their prowess on skateboards, surfboards, and even snowboards!

#3 – Kids

This is not something that is said about a lot of dog breeds, but the English Bulldog does seem to love kids. They have a fairly even temperament that helps them put up with kids better than some other breeds. Maybe it’s because their stocky build helps them buffer against kids’ rough play, and they don’t have a tail to get pulled or stepped on – who knows? But English Bulldogs do seem to naturally gravitate towards kids and enjoy their company.

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