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3 Things Your Yorkie Loves More Than Anything

If you are lucky enough to own a spirited Yorkshire Terrier, your life is indeed full. This funny, energetic little dog can fill a home with enough laughter and love to last many lifetimes. In return, it’s only natural that you would want your Yorkie to enjoy his life as much as possible. Providing him with the things he loves is one way to do that. While all dogs have different personalities, the following are 3 things most Yorkies love more than anything.

Image Source: Eric Chan Via Flickr
Image Source: Eric Chan Via Flickr

#1 – Snuggling

Yorkshire Terriers are definitely snuggle buddies! Whether curled up in their own soft bed or on your lap, they love to be cozy. So having a few beds and soft places for them to curl up is a great way to pamper your Yorkie.

#2 – You!

Though small, Yorkies have large hearts and they bond closely with their people. So you can please yours just by spending time with her. Use your time for snuggling and she is getting two of her favorite things at once – that’s one happy Yorkie!

#3 – Play

When your Yorkie is not snuggling with you, they love to play! The American Kennel Club calls them “tomboys” and for good reason. Some may think they are too cute and tiny to get their paws dirty, but Yorkies are tough little dogs who love a great game of fetch or tug.


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Written by Kristina Lotz
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