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3 Tips To Teach Your German Shepherd Dog To Come When Called


Coming when called is something all dog owners want their dog to do and German Shepherd owners are definitely no exception. It’s not only convenient, but can be important for safety reasons. Unfortunately, come is a cue that is easily poisoned and hard to get right. Just because Shepherds are known for being intelligent and very trainable, this does not mean this will always come easily. If you are having trouble, try these 3 secrets to getting your German Shepherd to come when called.

#1 – Don’t Call Your German Shepherd For Something He Hates

Dogs learn by association. For example, they counter surf one time, get a piece of steak and then associate counter surfing with food and continue to do it. So, if you call your Shepherd to you every time you need to do something he hates such as a bath, nail trim, car ride, etc., he will associate coming when called with negative things and not want to come to you. To not ruin your come, it’s better to go get your dog in these instances. And definitely never punish your German Shepherd if he comes when called.

#2 – Get Low & Act Excited

The more fun you look, the more likely your Shepherd is going to want to come to where the party is! So if he doesn’t immediately come running after you have said your cue, try crouching down with arms open and a relaxed happy face. Most dogs will be much more likely to come to a person in this position than one who is standing up straight in a “serious” posture.

#3 – Run Away

Most German Shepherd Dogs love a good chase game, but you never want to chase your dog if she won’t come to you. However, having her chase you can be a great way to get your Shepherd to come running. Say your Come cue and then turn and run off a bit, so she chases to catch up. When she does, lots of praise and rewards for coming will help you get a fast recall in no time.

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Written by Kristina Lotz

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