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3 Ways To Keep Your Bull Terrier Happy And Healthy

Bull Terriers are fun-loving clowns that make our lives complete. Without them, life would be dark indeed! If you own a Bull Terrier, chances are you do all you can to make sure he has the best life possible. After all, how can you repay a lifetime of unconditional love? If you have been wondering if there is anything else you can do to give yours the best life possible, check out the following three ways to keep your Bull Terrier happy and healthy.

#1 – Give Him Exercise

Bull Terriers have a fairly high energy level and can be prone to obesity if not given enough exercise. Since Bull Terriers are known for getting cardiac disease, keeping them trim is really important. So, to keep yours both happy and healthy, be sure he is getting enough exercise.

#2 – Watch Her Legs

A healthy breed compared to some, Bull Terriers don’t have too many issues. However, they are prone to luxating patellas- dislocated kneecaps. This means you should not let yours jump off high places, and watch tight turns or turns on slippery surfaces. It’s also a good idea to take your Bully to the vet and have his legs checked out – early detection can prevent worse problems later on and let you know the limitation of her legs.

#3 – Spend Time With Her

Bull Terriers do not like to be left alone. They are a breed that would be with their people 24/7 if they could. This means all you have to do to make yours happy is spend time with her – how easy is that?

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Written by Kristina Lotz
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