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3 Ways To Keep Your Bulldog Happy & Healthy

We all want to give our English Bulldogs the best care possible. From providing them premium foods, to giving up the prime seat on the couch — even putting up with those smells they grace us with! — we do our best to do right by them.

Sometimes we get into routines and just keep doing the same old things, even if there is more we could be doing. If you’ve been wondering lately what more you could give your special Bully, check out these 3 ways to keep your English Bulldog happy and healthy.


#1 – A Careful Diet

Though we all laugh about the English Bulldog’s propensity to pass gas, it’s a sign that your Bully has a sensitive digestive system. Feeding a careful diet and testing for allergies can really help your English Bulldog not only smell better, but feel better, too.

#2 – Provide Exercise

English Bulldogs are prone to all kinds of joint and bone problems due to the structure of their bodies, including a deformity called chondrodysplasia. Keeping your English Bulldog at a healthy weight and making sure those joints stay active is very important to his health. Consult your vet about what kinds of exercise and how much is best for your particular Bully’s needs.

#3 – Keep Those Wrinkles Clean & Dry

It’s easy to forget that those adorable wrinkles can spell a lot of trouble for our Bullies. But taking the time to make sure they stay clean and dry will prevent bacterial infections, which of course will make your English Bulldog happier and healthier.

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Written by Kristina Lotz
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