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30 Best Dachshund Puppy Foods

| Published on January 10, 2023
Choosing a food for your new dachshund puppy can be confusing! While good advice can be gleaned from your rescue, breeder, or veterinarian, there are a wide range of opinions about which puppy food is best and you may receive contradictory advice. We asked our 800,000 member dachshund community on facebook the following question: “What food did you feed your dachshund puppy?” We received hundreds of replies, and summarized the top responses below.
Please be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your dachshund puppy’s diet. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

30 Best Foods for a Dachshund Puppy

I had 2 dachshunds lived to 17/16 only fed them science diet. Only brand I use.

Author: Krystal A.

Likes: 147

I have had very good luck with a base kibble for dachshunds from Royal Canine. I add frozen green beans. Breakfast includes tiki dog taste of the world, dinner includes a raw chicken neck. My girls are almost 13, slim, strong and high energy.

Author: Mike C.

Likes: 49

The best food is to make your own! Very lean ground beef browned with vegetables and chicken breasts baked or boiled with vegetables. You can add a little bit of brown or white rice. Knowing your pet is getting fresh healthy food without preservatives or additives is always best.

Author: Samantha B.

Likes: 68

I always used purina small for my girls but both mine are chiweenies even though my oldest looks more dachshund then chi. It was my vet recommended cuz it got no artificial food coloring and has done wonders for my oldest

Author: Amanda K.

Likes: 17

I used science diet, as long as you read the labels, should be ok. The key with dachshunds DON’T OVERFEED, GIVE THEM A LOT OF TREATS! they will beg for food 2 seconds after eating. Maintaining a HEALTHY weight is the trick.

Author: Julie O.

Likes: 4

I love Blue Buffalo. My understanding from my vet is it’s not so much about the brand of dog food it’s about the ingredients. Apparently corn product is the worst thing for dogs to have. So I am just trying to stay away from any food that has corn in it. We lost her, she had a tumor and I didn’t know about the corn until she was about 8 years old. In that specific breed corn tends to progress tumors. You might research ingredients for your dog’s breed

Author: Carol S.

Likes: 11

I fed Max “Taste of the Wild”.

Author: Dianne A.

Likes: 11

I have been owned by seven dachshunds over the past 30 years and each of them was fed Hills Science Diet appropriate for their age. My dogs were healthy and had beautiful coats. No table scraps. Dry food unless it was a day or two after dental.

Author: Jeanne C.

Likes: 21

I’ve fed all my canines Fromm. Doxies and labs

Author: Sandra K.

Likes: 8

I made my puppy’s food. As she got older allergies to chicken/poultry (common allergy for puppers) started to rear it’s ugly head. Lean Ground beef, veggies, & a bit of a carb. I’d make big batches, serving sizes in bags, & freeze.It is trial & error at times, as well as their systems change as they age. She lived a long full happy life & passed May 1st ,2020. I scoured the internet constantly for her needs & it worked for us. Good luck! Best breed ever & will bring you hours of joy & laughter. Remember… They’re considered the clowns of the dog world for a reason.

Author: Susan J.

Likes: 9

I used to feed her Pedigree. She didn’t like any of high end foods but she lived to almost 16.

Author: Susan M.

Likes: 4

I always trusted Purina. Just regular dry, and you can mix some canned in with it. My dogs all lived to be 15. And my Doxie Lilly lived to be 18. Great products been around for decades. None of my dogs liked duck. Ya know the ones that cost $25 for a small bag. Not necessary I say good ole PURINA is the way to go.

Author: Agnes L.

Likes: 3

We’ve always used Blue Buffalo small bites.

Author: Steve I.

Likes: 18

My Dachshund had skin problems. I used Iams

Author: Eileen R.

Likes: 5

We started ours on Royal Canine Dachshund food. Now we have them on Orijen. They are 8 & 6

Author: Christine D.

Likes: 19

I feed mine Nutri-Sorce small bites. My dachshund lived to be 17 and my current dachshunds are 8 and 7.

Author: Angie P.

Likes: 1

I fed mine Rachel Ray, she loved it and not a lot of poop to clean up! Good luck!

Author: Kena B.

Likes: 0

I used Authority, and my little guy had a great life for 15 years.

Author: Michael C.

Likes: 1

Purina puppy chow for small breeds is what I’ve used my my dachshunds and my boyfriend used it for his dachshund.

Author: Momo J.

Likes: 2

Science Diet for puppies if it’s very young small bites my 18-year-old dog lived her whole life on it highly recommend we just graduated as she got older to the different one that was made for her age group I’m serious! Dry dog food

Author: Debbie C.

Likes: 0

I am a breeder and use purina puppy chow mixed with purina pro plan puppy canned food. It seems most of my customers don’t keep their puppies on this food but switch to a more expensive food. I’m not really sure why this is. All of my adults thrive on purina.

Author:The Dachshund Barn 

Likes: 7

I used Merrick’s till he had to be switched to a prescription diet because of an issue. They loved it! Their favorite was their Wing-O-Ling. Read the ingredients.

Author: Lisa M.

Likes: 5

I used eukanuba. It was her first food given to her by her fur moms owner. She is now 13. Still on same brand It’s called fit body for small breed

Author: Robin R.

Likes: 1

We always feed purina to all our dogs.One dachshund lived to 17. Just very careful on how much we feed them! The one we have now steals tomatoes out of the garden and looks for mushrooms in the yard, also flowering cabbage!

Author: Debbie B.

Likes: 1

Mine are so picky!! I’ve recently discovered Fresh Pet – found at Wal-Mart pet section in a small refrigerator. They love the chicken and it has the veggies. They LOVE it!!!

Author: Debbie E.

Likes: 12

Ive used Iams on both mine but since they both have had dental removed I went to Ceasars small containers they love it and have also trimmed down some.

Author: Linda T.

Likes: 0

My dashshund will be 15 in two months and I’ve always feed him Nutro and he loves it

Author: Mary B.

Likes: 0

Whole Hearted from Petco. I’ve had very good luck with my doxie girl- she’s been eating this brand since puppyhood and she’s now 6, still acting puppy-ish! Good quality food and not badly priced. She eats grain-free & loves it! Good luck

Author: Dee D.

Likes: 0

Look at the ingredients. Stay away from foods that list by-products at the top of the list and stay away form foods that don’t say what source the by-products are from. I’ve seen several decent foods people recommend here, but you have to pick what’s best for your dog and your budget, there’s lots of good options. Personally I feed Taste of the wild. I love how the top ingredients are protein based meats and not by-products, it’s grain free and has probiotics in it, and my dogs look great on it. I also recommend zignature and Fromm to my customers. Zignature has a small bite that would be great for little dogs. Fromm is high end and the price tag is big but it’s so clean and the ingredients are so good that humans can eat too, but it probably wouldn’t taste very good to us.

Author: Regina H.

Likes: 0

We used Nutro Ultra Puppy Food for our doxies and then Nutro Ultra Adult. One lived to 15 yrs and the other to 18 yrs……

Author: Hillary M.

Likes: 1


As always, be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your dachshund’s food. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links above may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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