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38 Dog Owners Share The One Toy Their Dog Can’t Destroy

Written by: Justin Palmer
Justin Palmer is a Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist and co-founder of Inspired by his rescued husky, Splash, he dedicated himself to learning about extending both the length and quality of her life. Splash lived and thrived until 18 years old, and now Justin is on a mission to share what he learned with other dog owners.Read more
| Published on September 8, 2022

Is there such a thing as an indestructible dog toy? For some dogs YES! For others, NO! We asked our 4 million person community on Facebook the following question: What’s the best indestructible toys for heavy chewers?

We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your dog’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be paid affiliate links at no additional cost to you.

The 38 Best Heavy Duty or Indestructible Dog Toys for Mega Chewers

This ball was from red dot it’s lasted longer than any other ball I’ve bought for her including Kong. She has two and absolutely chews em it’s the only ball that’s lasted so long.

Author: Patricia K.

👍 Upvotes: 3

Rip Roarin by Petsmart

Author: Christen S.

👍 Upvotes: 3

So far this is the one that lasts the longest for my chomper boy, Wally. Bam-bones plus! He chews daily. It calms him and keeps his teeth clean. Still have to order 3 pack replacements every couple months, but everything else we have tried is ruined in hours or couple days.. He has also done well with the black kong toy.

Author: Terin A. E. T.

👍 Upvotes: 2

The only thing I can give to my super chewer is an antler. Not a split antler. A whole antler. He will wear it down but it takes a little time. He can tear through anything and everything else even the bark box toys. I have given up completely.

Author: Stephanie Czincila E.

👍 Upvotes: 2

There are no indestructible dog toys . I used to think kong brand were but our beagle pup proved me wrong . She’ll be 1 year old this month , we’ll have had her 1 year in feb . She had destroyed kong toys , nyla bone toys , pretty much any toy you give her . She has chewed up 2 pair of wifes nursing shoes , a pair of crocs , i have no idea how many pair of flip flops , 4 or 5 throw rugs that the wife used to keep on our kitchen floor . She chewed the carpet on the corner of our steps . My wife left a stack of cash on end table on living room it got chewed up she chewed the cord of our bed room air conditioner into pieces whileIt was plugged in . were constantly buying her chew toys to keep household items from being destroyed . Oh and she also chewed my jalapeño pepper plants off and has trashed some of the wifes outdoor plants as well . Shes a very lovable dog and shes best buds with our doberman mix but shes a real hand-full and i hope she soon grows out of this . We have sprayed around the house with bitter cherry with limited success

Author: Bill I.

👍 Upvotes: 1

I get them off Amazon. Here’s 2 of his favorites!

Author: Jess L.

👍 Upvotes: 1

Bark box super chewer toys

Author: Kelly G.

👍 Upvotes: 16

Mighty toys were the only toys that survived our dachshund with minimal damage. Jasmine’s pig was with her until the end. She loved her pig.

Author: Amy Lancaster J.

👍 Upvotes: 5

Black Kong toys and nerf green rubber dog toys are Great! I have two heavy duty chewers and they haven’t been able to do anything to these!

Author: Terry G.

👍 Upvotes: 3

I like the firehose toys. They aren’t indestructible but they tolerate a lot of chewing and are Charlie’s favorites.

Author: Peg D.

👍 Upvotes: 3

Just git these kong fish for my guys …they love em …destroy anything other than kong products

Author: John R T.

👍 Upvotes: 3

There aren’t any!!! My pit can destroy an “indestructible toy” in the matter of 10 minutes. I have spent so much money on toys for her to have 10 minutes of fun with.

Author: Matthew C J.

👍 Upvotes: 120

kong toys are the only ones my pits/mastiffs don t destroy

Author: Tracy L.

👍 Upvotes: 84

I like to give my dogs Raw beef bones big enough that they can’t accidentally swallow but it’ll keep they busy for hours

Author: Daniel M.

👍 Upvotes: 6

Nylabones for aggressive chewers. We’ve used them for years with German Shepherds, Pitties and Bullmastiffs. No problems, just get rid of the chew when it gets too worn down and small. As a bonus, the dogs have all had excellent teeth.

Author: Rita L.

👍 Upvotes: 1

Super Chewer by Bark Box has been the best but my boy still finds a way to chew off tiny little pieces until it’s gone takes several months of him hiding them from us, us hiding them from him, etc

Author: Lindsey L.

👍 Upvotes: 1

It is a raw marrow bone. Occupies them for hours and good for their teeth. There’s no such thing as indestructible toy. It depends upon the dog. I own an Akita. They are usually pretty destructive dogs. My girl just nibbles on everything—food, toys. She hasn’t destroyed any toys at all and she is one year old. She has million of toys—more than I had as a kid. And the reason she doesn’t destroy them because she is never bored with them.

Author: Elena C.

👍 Upvotes: 1

Other than Kongs these toys are the next best! I got them at PetSmart in the “tough dog toy section”… my Malinois can still get into them but they last for months…. You can see the stages of destruction. The firstOne he went through the fabric, the second one the seam and the third one is still in good shape. But once he gets fixed on the squeaker there’s no turning back!

Author: Teresa S.

👍 Upvotes: 0

#WestPaw Durable toys are the ones that survive in our home. Kong toys are good too but our pups don’t grab them from the toy box like they do West Paw.

Author: Amanda E.

👍 Upvotes: 0

My chihuaua destroys everything. The only toys that last are from GoDog.

Author: Michelle Yvette O.

👍 Upvotes: 0

Jolly ball

Author: Melissa C.

👍 Upvotes: 2

Goughnuts Durable dog ball is the only one I can get to last a few months. He chews the kongs pretty quick

Author: Carl J.

👍 Upvotes: 0

Our 25 lb pointer / beagle mix tore up a black Kong designed for huge dogs

Author: Rick F.

👍 Upvotes: 0

Goughnuts. Pricey, but unbelievably tough. Lifetime replacement guarantee.

Author: Cathy K.

👍 Upvotes: 0

Benebones! I swear she’s not a hoarder.

Author: Meena Mohtadi M.

👍 Upvotes: 0

Bullymake box toys. Our girls love the nylon chews. We have some that are 3 years old and shared between a 60 lb. and a 25 lb.

Author: Crystal Linkous D.

👍 Upvotes: 2

I used to go to Garage Sales and buy Stuffed Animals for a Dime each. My Boston Terrier Loved Killing each and every one. 5 minutes was the Normal Life till they went to Heaven

Author: Mark W.

👍 Upvotes: 6

Out ‘ Iron jaws’ boy did well with Goughnuts. He’s now over 5 years old and still has the original toys. He no longer plays with them, I think because he wasn’t able to destroy them.

Author: Denise Fortier S.

👍 Upvotes: 0

Elk antlers are great for an aggressive chewer .

Author: Anthony G.

👍 Upvotes: 0

West Paw Zogoflex toys. We have a yellow lab who can destroy ordinary pet toys within 15 minutes!! M hasn’t made a dent in any of these, and have been buying them since 2018. She does lose them in the weeds sometimes… we live in the country. These toys cost more, but they’re worth it! They come with a guarantee, and are made in Bozeman, MT! I’m always happy to find something not made in China!

Author: Dianne B.

👍 Upvotes: 0

Bullymake made in the

Author: James Jimbob B.

👍 Upvotes: 0

Author: Anna R.

👍 Upvotes: 0

Chuckit! My 2 pits have had them for a long time. They have destroyed everything else.

Author: Elizabeth R.

👍 Upvotes: 1

Charlie usually destroys any toy he can within minutes. This one, at least for him, has stood the test of time. These rubber like Nerf footballs seem to work out well.…/B013J9…/ref=sspa_mw_detail_2…

Author: Erica H.

👍 Upvotes: 0

This and the nylabone antler are the only ones my aussie hasn’t destroyed yet.

Author: Heidi S.

👍 Upvotes: 0

Red Barn Large Peanut Butter filled bones.

Author: Wendy L.

👍 Upvotes: 1

Huggle Hounds from Chewy have lasted the longest for my lab. She’s a 7 out of 10 on toy toughness, she mostly loves to thrash and twist their necks, and this one has lasted a few months. The material is almost corduroy and thick.

Author: Crystal Baker H.

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