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4 Growing Dog Trends: Have You Heard of These Yet?

Dogs are awesome. They bring joy and laughter into their packs. Offer utter devotion and slobbery kisses. Research indicates that dog owners are happier and healthier than people who don’t own dogs. Why shouldn’t owners give their four legged friends special treats now and again? Rose petal baths? Pedicures? Any of the items listed below?

Dog “Tattoos”

All dogs are unique; yet some have a hard time standing out in a crowd. Some owners beg for their dogs to be noticed with elaborate coats and vests, gem studded collars, or by having them branded. It’s referred to as tattooing, but is not the permanent ink mark that most humans associate with the word. This latest trend etches fun shapes and patterns into a dog’s fur, usually on the hind quarters. The brand will grow out by the time they’re ready to get back to the groomers. A cutey mark chosen by the owner to express their dog’s individuality.

shutterstock_186572048 Canine DNA Testing

Gone are the days of yore when a family would adopt a dog of unknown origin. Many, many an evening were spent trying to figure out which breeds were combined into the Heinz 57 snoozing under the table. Today there is no cause for speculation. Owners may simply swab the cheek of their dog; submit the sample to a lab and Viola! Mysteries of the breed are gone. Test kits may be purchased online or at a pet store. The upside, an owner will know exactly what they are dealing with as far as breed deficiencies are concerned. Downside falls to the testing company. Not all of them have a complete and extensive database. Results will vary depending on the information available.

Dog-E Minder

Households aren’t perfect. Signals get crossed, miscommunication is common. The dog may get two breakfasts, but won’t go on their morning walk. With the Dog E-Minder, it is simple to keep the dog on a schedule. Not only will this little contraption, which hangs on the dog’s collar, keep track of food and exercise, it will also remind the owner of medication. Not sure when to give the dog their monthly dose of flea or heartworm prevention? Schedule it into the Dog E-Minder. Dog ownership has never been quite so easy.

Animal Conversion

Although this trend began in China, it seems to be flooding the globe with its quirky nature. The trend is converting dogs into other animals. Not literally, but cosmetically. Most reputable groomers have the means and the knowledge to turn a Chow into a Panda with some dog safe dyes. A Golden Retriever makes a mighty fine looking tiger with the right stenciling. Toy poodles may be converted into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with some green coloring and genius razor work.

Love it or hate it, the pet industry is booming. There will always be new and different ways for owners to express love for their pets; Sometimes the more interesting antics receive the greater the coverage.

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Written by Renee Moen
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