5 Dog Breeds With The Most Adorable Wrinkles

Few people approve of the wrinkles they see in the mirror, but when wrinkles belong to dogs, it’s a completely different story. Instead of a sign of age, a dog’s droopy folds of skin are more like a testament to their good looks. From tiny Pug puppies to big Bloodhounds, there’s something about a wrinkly dog that makes people fall in love. Their faces are framed in perpetual cuteness, and all that extra skin makes snuggling so much sweeter. If you’re looking for a wrinkly pup of your own, check out these wrinkled dog breeds.

#1 – Chinese Shar-Pei

This large dog breed is characterized by a long list of distinct physical features. They have big, hippo-like heads with black tongues, small, sunken eyes, and high-set tapered tails. They’re easy to identify, and it’s the massive folds of wrinkles that stand out as their most obvious quality. Their heads, neck, and shoulders are draped in thick folds of loose skin that add to their bulk in an adorable way.

#2 – Pug

The Pug is a small dog breed with a big personality. They’re more clumsy than athletic, but they’re fun and playful with a loving disposition. Their flat faces are etched with deep wrinkles set in their foreheads and muzzles. They’re one of the most popular breeds of small dogs, and they make great family companions.

#3 – English Bulldog

The massive droopy jowls and squished nose of an English Bulldog can make them look a bit dopey, but they’re known for having a dignified demeanor. Bulldogs are wrinkly from their tail to the tip of their ears, and puppies are the most wrinkly of all. They’ll eventually lose their adorable puppy rolls, but they’ll never outgrow their permanently furrowed brow or saggy cheeks.

#4 – Neapolitan Mastiff

Image Source: Flickr/gomagoti

Tipping the scale around 140 pounds, fully grown Neapolitan Mastiffs have yards’ worth of loose skin. They’re big dogs who don’t hesitate to act on their protective instincts when they think their family is in trouble. Their massive size can be intimidating, but their droopy faces and saggy bellies make you want to spoil them with snuggles.

#5 – Bloodhound

Bloodhounds are best known for their above-average sniffers, but it’s their wrinkles that really set them apart. Complete with floppy ears and droopy eyes, these scent hounds can track people, animals, and objects over impressive distances. Their faces are skinny but sheathed in skin that hangs loosely around their features. They look perpetually sad, but that makes us want to hug them even more.

While wrinkles make for a cute pup, they also pose specific health risks. Skin folds trap dirt and moisture, and that combination can lead to serious skin issues. If you have any of the wrinkly dog breeds on this list, remember to bathe them regularly and take extra time to clean between the creases.

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