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5 Dog Items that May Seem Frivolous…But Aren’t Necessarily!

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of products available for dog owners to make life easier. However, there are also as many products that seem frivolous and a bit unorthodox. Some owners swear by one or more of the products listed below, some may roll their eyes wondering why someone needs these things. Like it or not, the highlighted items below are all available for the general public. They may just end up being the best purchase ever… or end up in drawer, forgotten. Either way; into everyone’s life a little frivolity (and giggles) should fall.

Bark for Beer Collar

Bark for Beer


For the dog owner who really loves their beer or any beverage that requires a bottle opener. This ingenious gadget fits right onto the dog’s collar. Simply unclip and flip open a bottle of suds, reattach to the dog’s collar and praise Fido for a job well done.



Bacon Bubbles

Dogs love bubbles, dogs love bacon, and it was only a matter of time before the two were combined to make this fabulous product. To make these aroma infused orbs even more enjoyable, put the 8 oz solution into a bubble machine and treat the dog to a massive dose of bacon scented bubbles. Fun and entertainment all rolled into one invention.

Paw Plunger

Paw Plunger


Walking a dog has gone beyond merely having a leash and collar. If it’s raining out, the dog needs a slicker, a leashbrella, perhaps some galoshes? What’s an owner to do when caught out in the elements without protection? The Paw Plunger washes the mud and debris from a dogs paws after a long soggy walk, or a raging digging party in the backyard.




Sometimes an owner is called out of town, or runs late at the office. They’re missing their fur baby something awful. Now with PetChatz, an owner can keep in touch with their dogs by way of a laptop or Smart Phone. Not only can the dog see and hear their favorite person, treats may be dispensed through PetChatz creating a positive experience all around.

Sexy Beast Dog Perfume

Dog Perfume


Owners often agonize over how to keep their dog smelling fresh and clean in between visits to the groomers. Rest assured, there is now Sexy Beast Dog Perfume. This aromatic unisex blend of pleasing scents will have the dog turning his nose up at the other butts at the doggy park and sniffing his own fur instead.

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Written by Renee Moen
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