5 Health Benefits to Living with a Dog

shutterstock_64625497There are many therapeutic aspects to living with a dog. Studies done on sensory therapy with autistic children showed a marked improvement in development. Another study done concerning children with ADD and ADHD showed that the therapy dogs had created a calming effect in the participants who are not currently medicated. These studies have marked what dogs offer children, what health benefits do dogs offer to the average adult? A lot! Below are five health benefits dogs give freely everyday to their humans.


It is really no secret that dog owners get out and exercise more than people who don’t own dogs. Most dogs need a long walk every day. People who don’t own dogs don’t have the same motivation to get up and move. Walking not only is good for the body, it is also good for the mind. A determined walk in the fresh air helps clear away the cobwebs and helps a person think more clearly. Walking also leads to…

Stress Relief

Come home from a truly stressful day where everything that could possibly go wrong did and then some. The sight of a tail blur from excessive wagging, a wriggling body who is positively shaking with excitement; all because their human is home. It is a true de-stresser to be the object of so much enthusiasm by merely walking through the door.


Dog walking forces an owner into social situations. If a human has the cutest dog on the face of the earth, people will cross streets or stop their cars to ask about the dog. Taking a dog to the dog park forces owners to interact on some level, whether that is a neighborly “Nice day we’re having” or a more in-depth discussion on the merits of commercial dog food vs. a raw food diet, owners will always find some kind of connection with other owners. It may even score a single person a date.

Chronic Pain Management

Studies have shown that by snuggling with a dog while suffering with chronic pain reduces anxiety, which in turn reduces the pain. There have been great strides with therapy dogs in hospital settings. Those studies show that surgical patients, who visit with therapy dogs on a regular basis after their surgery, require less pain medication than those who don’t.

Mood Elevation

Dogs are incredibly intuitive. They know when their human is sad. Dogs will do anything from laying their head in a person’s lap, giving hugs, or displaying entertaining antics to ensure their humans feel better.  They reduce loneliness by offering companionship, loyalty and devotion. Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to; dogs are very good at keeping secrets.

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