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5 Presidents and Their Famous Pooches

Dogs hold the hearts of normal everyday average citizens in every corner of the world. What about the most powerful men in the free world? Do they have room in their hearts for maintaining global order AND furry companions. The answer is a resounding YES! These five presidents listed below doted on their dogs both in life and some even in death.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Kengler1976 via Wikimedia Commons

The president was given a Scottish Terrier puppy whom he immediately named Big Boy, but then FDR changed his name to Murray the Outlaw of Falahill. The name came from a Scottish Ancestor. The Terrier went by the nickname Fala. Fala died at the age of twelve while residing in the white house. He is buried in the rose garden by the sundial. Both Roosevelt and Fala are memorialized in Washington D.C.

Warren G. Harding

President Harding doted on his Airedale Terrier, Laddie Boy, to the point of excess. He had a chair crafted for the dog to sit in during cabinet meetings and threw a birthday party for Laddie Boy, inviting all neighboring (politically aligned) dogs to the party for dog approved cake. There is a statue of Laddie Boy housed at the Smithsonian. It is a copper sculpture of the Airedale made entirely of pennies donated by newsboys from around the country.

Herbert Hoover

There was quite a kennel at the white house when President Hoover was in residence. Not only did he have his precious King Tut, a German Shepherd, but two fox terriers named Big Ben and Sonnie, an elkhound named Weejie, another German Shepherd named Pat and an Irish Wolfhound named Patrick. King Tut was Hoover’s favorite. He was given to Hoover, while in Hoover was in Belgium. At the White House, Tut took his guard duties seriously and kept a watchful eye over the president.

John F. Kennedy

The Kennedy’s loved their dogs so much, they had a special play area built next to the west wing for the dogs and kids to romp and play. The President insisted on having his Welsh Terrier, Charlie, meet him whenever the helicopter touched down. The president’s daughter Caroline was given a beautiful fluffy white dog named Pushinka by then Russian President Nikita Khrushchev. Once the dogs got settled in the white house, they produced a litter of puppies.

Lyndon B. Johnson

President Truman said “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” President Johnson and his family took this advice and opened the White House to an assortment of canine companions. They moved into the West Wing with two Beagles, Him and Her. While in Washington, the Johnson’s were given a white Collie named Blanco. When Him died, J. Edgar Hoover gifted the family another Beagle who was promptly named Edgar. Their daughter, Luci, found a mutt at a gas station and brought him home to their pack. Yuri the mutt and the President would serenade the press with their singing howls.



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Written by Renee Moen
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