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5 Serious Health Issues Caused by Your Dog’s Bad Teeth

Dog dental health is one of the most neglected health issues in dogs. Yet, neglected teeth can lead to other serious and often fatal diseases. Dr. Kathryn Primm, DVM, owner of Apple Brook Animal Hospital and “Animal Stuff You Wonder About” blog and Dr. Denise Petryk, Director of Veterinary Services at Trupanion, shared with us some of the issues that can happen if your dog’s teeth are not cared for properly.

#1 – Infection in Heart Valves

Dr. Primm: “Mouth bacteria can travel and settle on the heart valves. Bacterial endocarditis (infection of the interior of the heart) is a problem of its own and can also permanently damage cardiac tissue and lead to heart disease and even heart failure.”

Image source:  @MariposaVeterinaryWellness via Flickr
Image source: @MariposaVeterinaryWellness via Flickr

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