5 Signs You Love Your Dog More Than Your Family Members

We can all agree that we love our dogs like family, but do you prefer the company of your canine companions over your human family members?

You may be afraid to admit this out loud, but for the record, we can totally relate! Dogs are our best friends, confidants, and furry family members, and their love and loyalty is unconditional and everlasting.

They don’t judge, they’re always happy to see us, and they never, ever let us down – even if they act a little bit naughty sometimes. (Somehow, they’re still endearing!) It’s really no wonder we love our dogs like our human relatives, and sometimes, even more than them!

Below are 5 signs that you love your pup more than the people in your life… and don’t worry, we won’t tell!

1. You spend more time with your dog than your human relatives – and you prefer it that way

If you’ve made up an excuse to skip your cousin’s Bat Mitzvah in order to spend more time with your dog, we don’t blame you. Sure the free food is nice, but the mere thought of seeing the bratty birthday girl or listening to your great uncle’s stories (again) makes you want to dive under the covers with your snuggly pup – which is exactly what you end up doing.

2. When you have a bad day, you don’t want to see anyone but your pooch

After a long day of being harassed by customers or undermined by your boss, sometimes you don’t want to see another human being. While it’s great to spend time with your family and friends, nothing gets your heart rate down (and your endorphins bubbling) like seeing your dog’s smiling face.

3. Your normally frugal ways go out the window when it comes to shopping for your pet

So what if you spent twice as much on your pup’s birthday present as you did your sister’s?! Has your sister ever listened to your problems, with no judgement at all? Has your sister ever let you choose the movie, or even given you the remote? Has your sister ever wagged her tail so hard, it almost dented the wall? (Well, let’s hope not…) Needless to say, your dog deserves all the luxuries you gift him.

4. You routinely reject invitations where your dog can’t be your plus one

If your dog isn’t welcome, neither are you, that’s your motto! You are proud to have a canine companion, and if someone has a problem with that, you have a problem with them. It simply doesn’t make sense to you: how come your wild nieces are allowed to run around and raise heck everywhere, but your well-behaved dog has to stay home?

5. You proudly show off photos of your pooch more than of your family

If someone asks about your dog, you can’t wait to pull out your phone and scroll through the adorable snaps you keep handy, like a proud grandmother showing off her grandchildren. You’d never admit this out loud, but your dog is way cuter than all the people in your life, anyway. And one other thing: your camera roll only has pictures of your pup on it.

5 Signs You Love Your Dog More Than Your Family Members
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