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5 Signs Your Boxer Is Bored & What To Do About It

| Published on September 6, 2016

Canine behaviorists are working hard to learn more about what our dogs are thinking and feeling. But there are some emotions that our dogs are fairly good at conveying if we pay attention to the signs. Boxers are a high energy breed and therefore get bored easily. Most of them are good at letting their owners know when they need something to do. Here are 5 signs your Boxer is bored and how to bust that boredom!

Image Source: Sabrina Dent via Flickr
Image Source: Sabrina Dent via Flickr

#1 – Destructive Behavior

Is your Boxer chewing on shoes, the couch, etc.? If he is not teething or suffering from separation anxiety, he may be bored. Too much energy and not enough outlets for it equals a nice chew fest. After all, chewing not only expels energy, it feels good on their teeth, and of course, sometimes even tastes good.

#2 – Demand Barking

Does your Boxer bark at you incessantly? Guess what? He IS trying to tell you something. Mainly, “I am bored, play with me!” Don’t give in to it, however, that will just reinforce the barking. Instead, wait for him to be quiet and then find him something better to do.

#3 – Whining

Whining can be a tricky behavior to figure out. It can mean your Boxer needs out if he is trained to whine to go potty. It can also be stress related, or from pain. But a bored Boxer will whine as well, and if you’ve ruled out the other reasons, it’s a likely culprit. Especially in young dogs, you may find them whining at the door when they just went to the bathroom or while following you around.


#4 – Listlessness

Some Boxers just “give up” when they are bored. This is the dog that just lies there or acts “listless.” If your Boxer is just lying on the floor staring into nothing – she may be bored and even a bit depressed. For a Boxer, you know this is a bad sign! At this point, it’s time to get up and do something!

#5 – Getting in Your Face

Dogs use body language to communicate with us, whether we understand them or not. Does your Boxer force himself into your lap and put his face right in yours, staring at you? Of course he does, he is a Boxer! He is probably asking for attention or something to do.

How To Bust Your Boxer’s Boredom

Image Source: Jlhopgood via Flickr
Image Source: Jlhopgood via Flickr


Luckily, there are many ways to keep your Boxer from getting bored and displaying these unpleasant behaviors. Exercise is a great choice, but you will still need to give his brain something to do. Training not only wears them out mentally, but also physically, effectively curbing that boredom. Puzzle toys are another way to keep your Boxer occupied. If they crave doggy play time, try a doggy day care. In short, anything that provides mental and physical stimulation will help your Boxer not be bored. Even just play time with you could be the cure.

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