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5 Signs Your Yorkie Is Stressed

To own a Yorkshire Terrier is to be wrapped around their adorable little paw. Owners of Yorkies want nothing more than to make sure their pup is pampered and happy for their entire lives. One of the best ways to know if you really have a happy Yorkie is to understand body language – most importantly, when your Yorkie is not happy. The following are some of the big signs your Yorkshire Terrier is feeling stressed or anxious.

Image Source: Carol VanHook via Flickr
Image Source: Carol VanHook via Flickr

#1 – Whale Eye

“Whale eye” is when your dog’s eyes bulge and the white around the iris is visible. This is a definite sign that your Yorkie is stressed or anxious.

#2 – Cowering

Yorkies who are stressed will often try and escape a person’s hands to find a place to hide. They may cower at your feet with their body hunched over, ears down and tail tucked, or they may try and hide under furniture. Some Yorkies even duck under their owner’s arm if they are being held.

#3 – Lip Licking

Your Yorkie may lip lick and yawn when he is stressed. It’s usually a slower lip lick than when they are tasting something good. It can also look like a “flick” where the tongue comes out and goes back in without actually licking their lips.

#4 – Shivering

Some Yorkies, especially the very small ones, will shiver when they stressed or anxious. If your Yorkie starts shaking and it’s not cold, something is bothering her.

#5 – Panting

A stressed Yorkie will pant excessively even if it is not hot out. Make sure your Yorkie is not too warm (that includes when it’s cold outside and you have her in a sweater!). If heat is not causing her to pant, than she is stressed or worried about something.

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Written by Kristina Lotz
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