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5 Simple DIY Dog Items

Treat Dispenser

A homemade treat dispenser will give a dog the stimulation he needs and the treats he craves. For the non or light chewer, air dry a plastic beverage bottle, any size will do. Cut small holes around the bottle so that a small treat may pass through when rolled. Put in some treats and roll on the floor to the dog.

For average or heavy chewers, cut two holes across from each other on the top of the bottle, large enough to slide a slim dowel rod through. Fill with some treats, suspend off the floor, but still within dogs reach. The dog needs to learn to push the bottle hard enough to rotate it, causing a treat to fall out the neck of the bottle.

Patio Potty

Sometimes it just isn’t in the cards to get a dog out to do his business. This simple patio potty is perfect for an apartment dweller with access to a balcony. This grass litter box may be customized to fit any sized area. A pre-made patio potty may cost an owner upwards of $400. A do-it-yourself version may be done for $60. There are many options out there, an owner needs to find what fits their needs best.

Self Watering Bowl

This unique invention serves two purposes. One, to keep an owner from going mad with filling the water bowl several times a day and two, to keep the dog from playing with a full water bowl. Neither situation is ideal. With a DIY self watering bowl, a dog can have access to clean water daily without having to wait for the owner to realize the well had run dry… again!

One of the many, many self watering bowl diagrams available was designed by an 11 year old. It consists of two pieces of wood, some wood glue, a two litter beverage bottle and the dog’s water bowl. To access the page with instructions click here. However, there are many, many more options found around the internet. One of them is bound to be the perfect fit.

Breath Freshener

After puppyhood, a dog’s breath takes a nose dive. Rest assured, there are several products on the market to take care of oral indifference, however, the products on the market are loaded with chemicals, fillers and cost twice as much as what an owner would pay to make their own doggy breath freshener.

One of the easiest breath treats is nothing more than plain Greek yogurt, full of probiotics, to aid with digestion, fresh parsley, and fresh mint leaves. Blend all three ingredients in a food processor; fill an ice cube tray, freeze and serve. Dogs will want to give plenty of kisses after consuming these tasty treats and owners won’t hesitate to be kissed.

First Aid Kit

Every doggy household should have a first aid kit on hand. It should travel well, able to be stored and be available at a moment’s notice. The kit should be customized for individual needs, but basics should include up to date vaccination records and a list of emergency contact numbers such as the veterinarian, nearest animal hospital, poison control center, etc. The Humane Society of the United States has an extensive list of what should be in every pet owner’s first aid kit. Click Here for the full list.

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Written by Renee Moen
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