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5 Tips To Make ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day’ As Successful As Possible

Take Your Dog to Work Day is June 23, and offices across the country will celebrate with an open door policy for furry friends. If your office plans to participate, this is your chance to introduce your pup to the boss, and working won’t be so bad when you have your best friend curled at your feet.

But before you put dibs on your pup’s corner office and print out his employee parking pass, you need to prepare. Here are a few tips to ensure you and your dog have the best possible experience.

1. Make Sure They’re Ready


You can’t wait to show your pup exactly where you mysteriously disappear to every day, but not every dog is up for the challenge of the 9-5 grind. You need to think about your dog’s behavior, habits, and manners before you commit to a full day at the office. Take Your Dog to Work Day is meant to be fun, but it can quickly turn stressful when Fido starts barking at everyone he sees, peeing on the carpet, and picking fights with fellow working canines.

The ideal office buddy is a dog that responds well to basic commands amidst distractions and has good social etiquette. If that doesn’t sound like your dog, try working on his training so he’s ready to go for next year.

2. Pack a Bag

Your dog can’t spend a day at the office without the necessary supplies. He’ll need a water bowl to keep him hydrated between meetings and treats. You should also bring your dog’s bed or a blanket to give him somewhere to relax while you’re busy.

He may not be filing papers or negotiating million dollar mergers, but the excitement of meeting new people in a new place will tire him out. You’ll also need poop bags for potty breaks, his leash, collar, and dog tags in case of an emergency.

3. Dog-Proof Your Work Space

Whether you have an office all to yourself, a cubicle, or a desk somewhere in the hallway, remember to dog-proof your space before the big day. You don’t want your curious canine digging through the trash to find yesterday’s discarded lunch or tripping over electrical cords.

Put yourself in your dog’s paws and put everything away that could be misconstrued as a chew toy. Keep important papers and expensive equipment out of reach to avoid awkward accidents.

4. Talk to Your Co-Workers

You’ve been counting down the days until Take Your Dog to Work Day, but some of your co-workers might not be as enthused. Allergies or a fear of dogs could put some people on edge, and it’s best to know who those people are before you and your pup saunter into work.

Do them and your dog a favor by sending out a mass email about your plans. As long as you keep your dog by you at all times and don’t force people to interact, there shouldn’t be a problem.

5. Plan an Exit Strategy

If there’s one thing you learn from working full-time it’s that there are good days and bad days. Even well-mannered dogs can become overwhelmed by being in a work environment. If you notice your dog is acting unusually withdrawn or overly energetic, it might be necessary to cut the workday short.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in a furry situation if this happens. Make a plan to either have someone pick him up or take him home yourself.

Dogs have been proven to be furry stress relievers, and Bring Your Dog to Work Day is the perfect opportunity to experience it for yourself. Having your dog by your side should be fun, and you’ll have a better chance at making the day successful by being prepared. If all goes well, your pup will be passing you for promotions in no time.

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Written by Amber King

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