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6 Items for Your Home That Could Save Your Dog’s Life

#1 – Pet alert emergency stickers for first responders. Make sure emergency personnel know how many pets are in your home!

#2 – “My Pet Is Home Alone” Keychain. If a first responder finds you while you’re away from home, will they know you have pets at home who depend on you?

#3 – Make sure your family and all your house guest know which foods are toxic to dogs. This list could save your pup’s life!

#4 – Do you have all your emergency info in one place? Like your vet, your emergency vet, and poison control? Write it all on this convenient fridge magnet.

#5 – Have you ever considered what would happen if you were in an accident while driving with your dog? Use this simple pet safety belt with your existing harness.

#6 – Pet CPR Instructions for your whole household. Make sure your family knows what to do in a worst-case scenario!


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