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6 Signs You Seriously Love & Understand Dogs

Very few humans can resist the pure, overwhelming cuteness of a newborn puppy, but there is a big difference between enjoying dogs and loving dogs. The wonderful people who truly love and understand dogs accept the bad with the good, prioritize their pups’ physical and emotional health, and respect them as the individuals that they are. Above all else, they know that the love of a dog is a gift that they should constantly strive to be worthy of.

Here are 6 signs that you seriously love and understand dogs.

1. You Can Interpret Dog Language

Dogs cannot speak in the same way we do, but they do communicate with us. They use a series of facial expressions, non-verbal vocalizations, and body language cues to express themselves. Committed dog lovers take the time to learn and understand these complex gestures.

2. You Make Health A Top Priority

Many dog parents “kill their pups with kindness” by feeding too many treats or skipping stressful vet visits. Those who prioritize their dogs’ health with high quality diets, plenty of exercise, and regular veterinary care know that sometimes you have to be the bad guy in order to show your love.

3. You Understand the Importance of Training & Socialization

Much like human parents, loving pet parents know dogs need structure, discipline, education and socialization to live their best lives. Devoted owners are not ashamed to seek help from a vet, trainer or behaviorist to ensure that their furry BFFs learn proper canine behavior.

4. You Think Dogs Deserve Some R & R, Too

Dogs are happy to do just about anything as long as their humans are by their sides, but loving pawrents are willing to give as much as they take. They make time to visit the park, romp on the beach, or take a scenic car ride together.

5. You Know Dogs Are Not Accessories

Those who truly love dogs respect that they are living creatures, not accessories. They would never buy a dog on impulse just because it was “cute.” Responsible dog lovers know that adding a new pet to their household is a lifetime commitment that should never be taken lightly.

6. You Make A Difference

True dog lovers know that you don’t have to adopt dozens of pets to be a hero. There are so many ways to be a part of the solution. On top of providing wonderful care to their own dogs, they help others by volunteering their time, donating, and helping to spread the word about rescue!


Featured Image via Flickr/Matt Baume

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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