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8 Breeds That Need A Job To Do

All dogs were developed for a specific purpose, usually to do some form of work. Most dogs are now bred to be companions, but some breeds still retain so much working instinct that they can be destructive if they aren’t given lots of exercise and mental stimulation. With information from Wikipedia, Paw Culture, VetStreet, and Pawed In, here are 8 breeds that need a job to do in order to stay out of trouble.

#1 – Weimaraner

Created to be a well-rounded hunting dog for the nobility, Weimaraners have a well-developed prey drive, an abundance of energy, and a desire to be around their humans at all times. Separation anxiety and hooliganism are common problems with the breed, especially when they aren’t given enough exercise. If you don’t plan on using them for hunting, try training them to do agility courses.

#2 – Australian Shepherd

Originally bred to work on ranches, Aussies now excel at agility, search and rescue, therapy, and just about any other job you can throw at them. Their excessive energy and eagerness to please needs an outlet for them to stay happy.

#3 – Siberian Husky

Sitting around the house just won’t do for a sled dog. With high energy and a strong prey drive, Huskies tend to be escape artists. Train your Husky for cart-pulling competitions to keep them busy and exercised.

#4 – Doberman Pinscher

Bred to be guard dogs and still used as police and military dogs, Dobies actually make great family pets when given an appropriate avenue for their energy. They are relatively easy to train once they understand that they are not the leader of the pack in your house.

#5 – Australian Cattle Dog

These dogs were bred to herd cattle by nipping at their heels, and they’re likely to herd children in the same fashion without another outlet for their herding tendencies. Extremely intelligent, they will learn any job that you teach them.

#6 – Vizsla

These hunting dogs are very sensitive and need gentle training for a suitable job to keep them out of trouble. That job could be anything from therapy dog to jogging companion.

#7 – Border Collie

Widely considered the most intelligent dog breed, the energetic Border Collie will excel at any task and may become destructive when bored. They are exceptional competitors in most varieties of dog sports.

#8 – German Shepherd

Originally developed for herding, German Shepherds now dominate search and rescue, police, and military jobs as well as being popular service dogs. Their intelligence and curiosity can get them in trouble if they aren’t kept busy.

All breeds need appropriate amounts of exercise, but these are some examples of dogs that need more than just exercise, they need a purpose.

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Written by Jennifer Nelson
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