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8 Problems Only a Bloodhound Owner Would Understand

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on June 7, 2023

Life with a Bloodhound is never dull. From their keen sense of smell to their notorious stubbornness, this breed certainly knows how to keep things interesting. Here are eight ‘problems’ you’ll certainly resonate with if you’re the lucky owner of a Bloodhound.

1. Nose to the Ground.

A Bloodhound’s world is all about scents, and they are always ready for a sniffing adventure. Forget a leisurely walk; your Bloodhound is on a mission to investigate every smell that crosses its path, dragging you along for the ride.

2. The Drool Dilemma.

If you’re a Bloodhound owner, you’re no stranger to drool. Drool on the furniture, drool on your clothes, drool on the unsuspecting guest who just sat down… Welcome to the slobbery world of Bloodhound ownership!

3. Hound-Ears Symphony.

Bloodhounds are vocal, and they have an array of sounds to express themselves, from baying to howling to expressive groans. You’ll quickly become fluent in ‘Bloodhoundese’, much to the bewilderment of your non-Bloodhound-owning friends.

4. Exercise – The Negotiation.

Contrary to their size and robustness, Bloodhounds can be incredibly lazy. Getting them to exercise can often turn into a negotiation, requiring creativity, patience, and yes, a lot of treats.

5. The Basset Stare.

Bloodhounds have mastered the art of the ‘Basset Stare’ – that mournful, sad look that makes you question your every decision, especially if it involves leaving them at home. Those droopy eyes can melt the sternest of hearts.

6. Skin-Fold Cleaning Routines.

Cleaning a Bloodhound involves not only regular baths but also meticulous attention to their skin folds to prevent infections. You might as well open a doggie spa with the amount of grooming that goes into keeping a Bloodhound healthy.

7. The Furry Blanket Thief.

Your Bloodhound will find the comfiest spot in the house, and yes, it’s probably your bed. Their love for comfort often leads them to claim your cozy spots (and your favorite blankets) as their own.

8. The Selective Hearing.

Bloodhounds are known for their selective hearing. One moment they are all ears and the next, they are ignoring your commands, especially if there’s something more interesting to sniff. Who knew a 100-pound dog could be so good at playing hide and seek?

Owning a Bloodhound, with all its ‘problems’, is a unique and rewarding experience. Their sense of loyalty, loving nature, and delightful quirks more than compensate for the drool cleanups, ear-cleaning sessions, and stolen blankets. Sure, they might turn your walks into sniffing expeditions and make you question your own hearing when they decide to ignore you, but these are the things that make a Bloodhound, a Bloodhound. And let’s face it, as a Bloodhound owner, you wouldn’t have it any other way!

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