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8 Problems Only a English Springer Spaniel Owner Would Understand

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 7, 2023

If you have an English Springer Spaniel in your life, you’re well-acquainted with their boundless energy, floppy ears, and remarkable ability to find mud in the driest conditions. It’s a life filled with laughter, love, and never-ending surprises. Here are eight problems that only a Springer Spaniel owner could fully appreciate and laugh at.

1. ‘Springing’ into action.

Springer Spaniels were bred for flushing, or ‘springing’ game. This instinct often manifests in surprising leaps at the sight of birds, squirrels, or an unexpectedly exciting leaf. As a Springer owner, be prepared for sudden, mid-walk acrobatics that can rival any Olympic gymnast.

2. Mud? It’s a spa treatment.

Springers are drawn to mud-like magnets. Your pristine pooch can and will become a mud monster given the slightest chance. If there’s no mud, don’t worry, they’re just as happy with puddles, ponds, or your freshly watered garden.

3. “Fetch” means forever.

For a Springer, fetch isn’t a game; it’s a lifestyle. When they bring you that slobbery ball for the hundredth time, your arm might be ready to fall off, but their enthusiastic eyes are saying, “Again! Again!” You’ve unknowingly signed up for a lifelong game of fetch.

4. The great hair explosion.

Springers have beautiful, glossy coats that they love to share. With your sofa. Your clothes. Your food. There’s no escape – Springer fur is a part of your life now. The vacuum is your new best friend.

5. Personal space? Never heard of it.

Your Springer Spaniel’s life mission is to be as close to you as physically possible. Bathroom breaks, important work calls, a romantic date – your Springer wants to be a part of it all. Privacy is a foreign concept in the Springer dictionary.

6. Energy that rivals a Duracell bunny.

Springers are high-energy dogs. They need more than a quick stroll; they need long walks, runs, and plenty of playtimes. You thought you were getting a dog, but really, you’ve enrolled in a high-intensity daily workout program.

7. Eternal puppyhood.

Springers retain their puppy-like zest for a life well into their senior years. This might mean your elderly Springer still bounds around with the enthusiasm of a six-month-old pup. The silver lining? Their infectious joy never fades.

8. Their love language is licked.

If you own a Springer, you’re no stranger to doggy kisses. These dogs believe in expressing their love liberally and frequently – usually in the form of wet, sloppy licks. Who needs a shower when you have a Springer Spaniel?

While these ‘problems’ may seem daunting, any Springer owner will tell you that they’re what make life with these dogs so rewarding. The muddy pawprints, constant fetching, and surprise kisses are small prices to pay for the affection, loyalty, and joy these dogs bring into our lives. So, here’s to the Springer Spaniels, our lively, loving companions who remind us to find joy in the little things – like a good stick, a muddy puddle, or an extra-long game of fetch.

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