8 Problems Only a St. Bernard Owner Would Understand

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 6, 2023

Owning a St. Bernard, those lovable giants known for their search and rescue efforts in the Swiss Alps is a rewarding experience filled with wagging tails, slobbery kisses, and snuggles that could rival the best comforter. However, these ‘gentle giants’ come with their own set of unique quirks and eccentricities. Here are eight problems only a St. Bernard owner would understand.

1. The Drool Diplomacy

With a St. Bernard, drool is a fact of life. It’s on the walls, your clothes, and sometimes, in places you’d least expect. As a St. Bernard owner, you quickly develop the reflexes of a ninja, dodging drool flung your way mid-yawn or shake. It’s safe to say, the phrase “watch out for flying drool” is a frequent warning in your household.

2. The Spatial Misjudgment

St. Bernards seem to forget their size, especially when they decide they’re lap dogs. This often leads to them trying to squeeze into tiny spaces or onto your lap. The phrase ‘gentle giant’ takes on a new meaning when your 150-pound dog decides to cuddle with you on the sofa.

3. The Snoring Serenade

St. Bernards are known for their sonorous snoring. It can sometimes feel like you’re living with a rumbling freight train. The decibels can rise to impressive levels, causing guests to wonder if there’s a minor earthquake happening. Who needs a white noise machine when you have a St. Bernard?

4. The Fur-nado Effect

St. Bernards shed. A lot. If you thought you could escape the shedding season, you were wrong. Prepare to find tufts of fur in every corner of your home, on your clothes, in your food, and sometimes floating in your coffee. Owning a St. Bernard means accepting that you’ll be perpetually covered in a layer of dog hair.

5. The Food Frenzy

Given their size, it’s no surprise that St. Bernards love to eat. You’ll soon discover that their appetite is insatiable. They’ll inhale their food, and then look at you with those big, pleading eyes, suggesting they’re on the brink of starvation. You’ll have to master the skill of saying no to those adorable puppy eyes!

6. The Slow-Mo Walks

St. Bernards are not the most energetic dogs. In fact, their preferred speed for walks could be best described as ‘leisurely’ or ‘snail’s pace.’ If you’re used to brisk walks or jogs, you’ll need to adjust your expectations. Going for a walk with a St. Bernard is more of a relaxing stroll, where every sniff is investigated and every passerby is greeted.

7. The Slobber Surprise

St. Bernards are notorious for their slobber. They can shake their heads and send slobber flying across the room, often landing on the most unexpected surfaces. Finding slobber on your ceiling isn’t an unusual occurrence when you live with a St. Bernard. Tip: Invest in easy-to-clean materials.

8. The Weather Woes

St. Bernards love cold weather, thanks to their origin in the Swiss Alps. However, they don’t fare well in hot climates. You may find your pup sprawled on the cold tile floor or hogging the air conditioner vent in the summer months. You’ll quickly become adept at creating cooling solutions for your oversized pup.

Living with a St. Bernard is a delightful, fun-filled adventure, complete with a drool-dodging, snore-tolerating, fur-cleaning escapade. Despite the minor inconveniences, the affection, loyalty, and sheer amount of love you receive from these gentle giants make it all worthwhile. So, here’s to all St. Bernard owners: you are part of a special club that appreciates the beauty in a slobber-drenched kiss and the comforting echo of a snoring St. Bernard!

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