9 Ridiculously Expensive Gifts For The Dog Who Has Everything

Raise your hand if you love spoiling your dog. Okay – now, lower it if you did not buy your dog his own $20,000 pet bed. No? How about an $800 dog bowl? Easy one this time – $65 dog perfume?

Any hands left up?

Let’s be honest – our dogs don’t care how much we spend on them. We might buy the more expensive dog food because it’s fresher and healthier, but c’mon. These are the same dogs that will eat still-warm piles off the lawn if you’re not looking. They don’t care if they’re pulling the squeaker out of a $5 or $500 dog toy so long as that toy is flat when they’re done with it.

But believe it or not, those crazy price tags I mentioned totally exist on some of the swankiest pet gear in the world. Don’t feel bad if your pocketbook feels a little too light to purchase any of these outrageous gifts. I can’t even SPELL the word “Versace” without help. (Thanks, spellcheck.) But someone out there has a dog who is living it up with some very posh pet products.

If you’re looking to get your dog a very, very special, very expensive gift this year (as well as maybe an equity loan) look no further. These are some of the most outrageously expensive dog products that you can buy right now.

 1. Versace Crete De Fleur Print Dog Rain Coat – $325

While we simple folk are still poppin’ tags at the thrift shop like a broke Macklemore, there are dogs out there who are strolling in the rain wearing this chic Versace raincoat. (Getting the hang of spelling the word “Versace” now.) The coat is made from 100% polyester and must be, according to their instructions, hand washed and laid flat to dry. Your dog will look super cool in the Crete de Fleur raincoat while you’re bagging up the business he makes during his walkies. Versace.com

Image: Versace.com

 2. Cashmere Bespoke Dog Sweater – $541 – $938

If you’re going to buy something for your dog, why shouldn’t it be made just for your dog? This sweater doesn’t exist until you order it to your dog’s exact measurements. The cashmere used is sourced from small geese that have been bred in Mongolia since the 15th century, and only at altitudes between 4,000 and 6,000 feet. The under-fleece is harvested in the spring, and each goose only produces, at most, 200 grams of the material – that’s only a little more than 7 ounces! BitchNewYork.com

Not a simple sweater, but a chic and elegant dress, created with passion and love for dogs, dedicated to those who really love their pets.”

Image: BitchNewYork.com

 3. Specialty Petopia Soaking Bathtub – $4,700

This super special, extra expensive pet spa is customizable so you can pamper your pup in exactly the way you’d like. If your pup is up for it. The tub includes jets because it’s meant to be soaked in. If your dog is like my dog, he’ll sit still while I’m washing him, but the moment I take my hands off he’s trying to climb out (which isn’t very easy on Corgi legs.) He doesn’t like noises either so unless those jets are whisper-quiet, he’s going to panic if they’re turned on.

This might be a great gift for your dog, but my dog may just not have been meant for the finer, wetter, and noisier things in life. Perigold.com

Image: Perigold.com

 4. Thebes Pet Bed – $1,545

According to Haute House Home:

Homer praised the wealth of the Ancient Egyptian city of Thebes in the Iliadwhen he mentioned the “heaps of precious ingots” that gleamed brightly.”

This bed was named for a city so lousy with wealth that they just left their ingots out in a bunch of heaps. Pretty tacky showing off, ancient Egyptians. I prefer to keep my ingots under the bathroom sink where no one can see them, along with my dish soap and bleach. Like a lady.

Anyway – your dog can lounge like a little Egyptian pharaoh in their own plush pet bed. If looking at your dog lounging on their luxury bed makes you a little envious, you can get one of your own to match for just under $7,000. HauteHouseHome.com

Image: HauteHouseHome.com


 5. Victorian Silver And Leather Dog Collar, $3,221.29

If you’re looking for something extra-unique for your one-of-a-kind pup, you may want to consider something antique. Thomas Diller was a jeweler in London in the 1800s, and made this piece for a dog who was, apparently, named Rose in 1845. Silver, with a leather lining and engraved with the words “Foig A Ballagh 1844 The Baron 1845″. Though not mentioned in the listing, the additional engravings likely refer to two winners of the St. Legers Stakes – horses Foig A Ballagh won in 1844 and The Baron in 1845. No mention of who Rose was – but likely a very loved dog who lived with a real horse racing enthusiast. MaisonDogAntiques, Etsy. (This item has since been sold.)

Image: MaisonDogAntiques/Etsy

 5. Luxury Leather Cube Dog Bed – $1070 – $1,889

I’m not a big fan of leather, but I would happily lounge in this leather dog cube. Even if you find yourself totally broke with just your dog and his thousand-dollar dog cube – remember, it’s for your dog. The cube is made with genuine leather that is given a soft texture thanks to a special finishing process. It’s also a bit more practical than some other dog beds – this one can be cleaned with a wet cloth, so if your dog likes to dive into mud puddles at the dog park, you don’t have to worry about stains if they rush to their bed without wiping their paws. For those eco-friendly pups, the bed can even be purchased in faux leather. ChelseaDogs.com

Image: ChelseaDogs.com

 6. Sexy Beast Dog Fragrance – $69 – $850

Nobody wants to be the human with the stinky dog. Sexy Beast Dog Fragrance is the hot fragrance that keeps your dog smelling… sexy? (What?!) According to the product description, it’s a

“unique blend of bergamot and vanilla-infused musk combined with natural patchouli, mandarin, and nutmeg oil. The sexy beast dog perfume will also give your dog a beautiful and sensual soft-touch finish.”


The perfume has since been discontinued so scoop up a bottle if you see it. And if you want a little bling on your bottle, you can get a limited edition version with Swarovski crystals for $850. HealthyPets.com

Image: YuppyPuppyBoutique

7. Dog Mansion – $325,000

Who says your dog can’t be a homeowner? Definitely not Paris Hilton. Many dog lovers don’t exactly love Hilton for carrying around her Chihuahua in a purse like a furry cell phone in the early 2000s, but you may be surprised to learn that she genuinely loves her animals. She rescues, donates, and fundraises for shelters, and keeps her pets for their entire lives – which some people have speculated that not all celebrities do. She even sprung for this sweet dog mansion for her pack of pups. If you want something of similar size and quality, you should know that this one ran around $325,000. Only a little more expensive than that plastic igloo at Costco.


8. Fausta Dog Toy – $145

This may not be on the high-end of the price scale of this page, but this is pretty pricey for something your dog is expected to tear apart. This toy is extra adorable and, yet, squeaker-less. However, it is made with a special fabric that has been produced in Tuscany with the same procedures that were used when it was first created in the Middle Ages. Your dog will be de-stuffing a little bit of history as he tears apart his luxury dog toy. BitchNewYork.com

Image: BitchNewYork.com

9. Dog Tiara – $4.2 Million

Most humans, when head-over-heels in love, believe that their dogs are royalty. That might have been the inspiration behind this $4.2 million dollar tiara when it was designed by a young Thai jeweler in 2009. Riwin Jirapolsek designed the teeny tiara for his senior Maltese dog, Kanune, and unveiled it at a Bangkok dog show. Made from titanium and studded with 250 carats of emeralds and diamonds, the tiara stood out amongst the other products at the show. Kanune may not be all that spoiled though – this tiara is not everyday wear for him. However, Jirapolsek did say that Kanune did wear hair clips daily, and he had plans to design a diamond-encrusted hair clip to keep Kanune’s fur out of his eyes. 


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