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A Little Turf & Elbow Grease Turn This Parking Lot Into A Play Area!

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“Drinking lots of water was crucial to getting through this build! Summers sure get hot and humid in Nashville, TN.

“Metro Animal Care & Control (MACC) was in desperate need of a play yard for their energetic pups. It is crucial for these shelter animals to be able to have an energy release and to get outside, not only for their health but also for their adoptability rates. The more time they have to run around outside, the calmer they will be inside their kennels as potential adopters are walking through to find their wonderful new fur baby to complete their family.

“With the much-needed help of great volunteers, the Rescue Rebuild team was able to install turf for an outdoor play yard toward the front of their main building. Before installing the turf, the whole area had to be excavated using a machine that our team loves to use… the skid steer. Jobs are more fun when the big toys come out. Then came the really tough part.

“It took quite some teamwork to move and then roll out the turf… there were about 15 of us needed to carry the roll and bring it to where it needed to be! Then slowly but surely, everyone pushed and pushed until it was all rolled out. It was a good thing that we are all mighty strong, of course. The team definitively needed a breather, water and a towel after that endeavor.

“Once we installed the turf, it was time to put up the chain link fencing with a double containment. Having an entry and exit point that involves double gates to create a transition area allows staff and volunteers to enter and exit without letting another dog out accidentally. Safety is key here. MACC takes pride in how much effort they put into training their dogs, especially ones with behavior issues and transitioning them to be able to get along with other dogs and play appropriately. Because this does not happen overnight, it can take patience and proper training, both of which the MACC staff have and can provide. Dogs that get along nicely with other dogs tend to have higher adoption rates, especially for families who already have a dog and want to add a second. Training sessions and playgroups now take place in this new play yard.

“MACC was also short on storage areas. To finish up this summer project, the Rescue Rebuild team installed a plastic shed with numerous shelving units. This provided the animal shelter with more space to store food, crates, toys, blankets, and more! With both a new play space and a new storage space, both the dogs and staff are smiling!”

– The Rescue Rebuild Team

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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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