A Mountain Lion Was Going To Attack Her Dog Until Mom Figured Out How To Scare It Away

Many small dogs don’t know how small they are. They’ll willingly take on something bigger and scarier than them if it will keep their humans safe. Yet, sometimes a dog’s bravery can put them in danger.

One woman’s 25-pound dog thought he was intimidating enough to scare off a mountain lion. In intense security footage, the tiny dog refuses to back down as the giant feline approaches his home. Luckily, his human was able to save him before it was too late. It’s a situation that many dog parents fear.

Dog on patio

Dog vs. Mountain Lion

On February 4th, 2022, a dog in Boulder, Colorado got into a frightening situation. His human’s Ring doorbell video showed the 25-pound Poodle mix go into the backyard to do his business. But then, he starts running around and barking out of the blue.

After a few seconds, a figure runs into view of the camera. It’s difficult to see that it’s a mountain lion against the snow, but its two glowing eyes stand out. As the mountain lion runs after the dog, a woman comes out of the house and lets out a blood-curdling scream. She screams several times as she tries to lead her dog back into the house without getting near the wild cat.

While the woman is chasing her dog around the yard, the mountain lion escapes, which can’t be seen on camera. The woman’s screams were likely what scared the massive animal away. Luckily, the brave little dog didn’t get hurt during the traumatic incident.

Mountain lion running toward dog

A Cautionary Tale for Dog Parents

In Colorado, mountain lion sightings are more common than you’d expect. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), there were three reported mountain lion attacks involving dogs in the same neighborhood that month. The dog in this video is lucky to have gotten away without a scratch.

Even though the dog’s owner was only reacting out of fear, she did the right thing. Mountain lions don’t go looking for fights, and they’ll usually only chase things that seem like prey. So, if you make yourself seem strong and confident, the wild cats will be more likely to run away than attack. The woman’s loud screams let the cat know that she wasn’t prey, which could’ve saved her dog’s life.

Mountain lion on patio

CPW advises residents to raise their arms and make loud noises to appear big and intimidating to the mountain lions. You should try to stay calm and not run away since sudden movements could prompt them to chase you. If the mountain lion acts aggressive, fight back by throwing objects at them. Mountain lions typically aren’t interested in prey that puts up a fight.

Hopefully, your dog will never have to experience what this pup went through. But it’s always a good idea to be prepared for a situation like this before it occurs.

Watch the Video Footage Here:

H/T: kdvr.com
Featured Image: YouTube

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