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Abandoned Boxer Rescued After Being Found Chained to Lamppost

In April, the picture of an abandoned dog went viral. A man found a Boxer tied up by the side of the road in Hull, UK, without food, water or shelter. It was a devastating scenario.

UK Boxer needs a home
​Source: Lad Bible​

This dog needs a home

A Good Samaritan named Graham Dobson found the terrified dog. He brought him food and water and waited for an owner to reappear. No one showed up, so Dobson called the dog warden (known as animal control in the U.S.).

He told Hull Live, “I came to work in the morning and found the dog tied up on the main road looking sad and scared. It was heartbreaking to see he had been left and how upset he was, as he was a real nice dog and so friendly, just really scared. I don’t understand why people would just dump a dog – they don’t know right from wrong and I just felt so awful for him – I love animals and don’t want to see them abandoned or mistreated.”

Surprisingly, the Boxer’s human returned. A member of the Hull City Council said the dog’s father returned to the scene when wardens arrived to pick up the dog. The former dog dad told them the Boxer’s name is Max. Max’s human said he could no longer take care of him. Then he signed Max over to the wardens.

UK Boxer needs a home
​Source: Lad Bible​

City workers took Max to a vet for assessment. Thankfully, Max was in good condition physically.

Dogs are a commitment, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon them on the street! We’re thankful Dobson arrived on the scene to help Max. Now Max lives at the Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue. His wonderful caretakers are helping Max find a forever home.

We wish this pooch the best of luck on his journey to a permanent family.


H/T Lad Bible
Featured Image: Lad Bible

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Written by Samantha H
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