Abuser Who Taped Caitlyn The Dog’s Mouth Shut Is Denied Parole

Caitlyn the dog has put her 2015 near-death ordeal behind her. She spends her days barking out against animal cruelty and accepting praise from her many fans.

When the local celebri-dog isn’t appearing as the unofficial mascot of the Charleston Animal Society, she enjoys a rich home life where she is showered with love, treats and toys.

Caitlyn may have put her past behind her, but her abuser will not have the same luxury. William Dodson appeared in front of a seven member parole board on Wednesday, October 11. Also in attendance were anti-animal-cruelty activist groups and several representatives from the Charleston Animal Society.

The board unanimously decided to deny Dodson’s parole. He will serve the remaining six months of his sentence for abusing Caitlyn before being remanded to federal custody to begin serving a 15 year sentence for unrelated weapons and drug charges.

When asked how he felt about his crimes against Caitlyn, Dodson muttered, “I guess I feel a little remorse.”

Aldwin Roman, the director of anti-cruelty at the Charleston Animal Society, has worked on Caitlyn’s case since the first day she arrived at the shelter with her mouth cruelly wrapped in electrical tape. Dodson claims he bound Caitlyn’s muzzle because “she wouldn’t stop barking.”

“When I saw her, my jaw dropped,” Roman told Live 5 News.”I’ve seen a lot of terrible animal cruelty cases but this was one of the worst. Her eyes are very captivating and she just had this look of defeat. The stance of having given up not only physically but emotionally. How could she trust anyone after what she experienced?”

Caitlyn has since undergone several surgeries to repair the damage to her muzzle, cheek and tongue. She still bears the scars Dodson inflicted, but has regained her bright spirit.

“She’s getting to finally be a normal dog,” said Roman.”She goes for walks, running, goes to the beach, playing, and she can bark. She can bark as much as she wants and no one is going to try to tape her mouth shut ever again.”


H/T to Live 5 News

Featured Image via Facebook/Charleston Animal Society

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