Man Shares Footage Of His Dog Drowning In A Hot Tub As A ‘Warning’ To Dog Owners

Adela, a 6-month-old French bulldog, was playing outside her home in California with her father and siblings when she tripped and fell into the hot tub–where she unfortunately died. However, we promise  a happy ending but this story is to bring attenti0n to risks that our pups can face right outside our homes. Please be sure to SHARE this story with a friend or family member to get the word out. Meet, Adela, this is her story!

Image Story/Source Credit: Caters Clips on YouTube – Video



French Bulldogs have been known to not swim very well due to their compact design, stubby legs and short snout. Despite being in a small area of water, this dog sunk due to its dense muscular body and within moments could have drowned without Bernard noticing. He wound up saving the dog and was able to thankfully revive her.



Image Story/Source Credit: Caters Clips on YouTube – Video



Bernard instinctively raced to the hot tub the second he realized. . . Click to continue reading this story, read more >>

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