Adoring Golden Squeezes Under Car To Hug Her Handy Human

Most of us know that our pups will go to great lengths to get our attention. A Golden Retriever in Australia did exactly that, and would not let anything stand between her and her fur dad!

Goldens seem to be affectionate by nature, but some are even more cuddly than others. This Golden couldn’t bear being away from her fur dad while he worked on his car, and quickly took matters into her own paws.

golden retriever photos
Video Screenshot

At the beginning of the footage, you see a man under a vehicle, working to install draws under his car. Though the man has tools in hand and is working diligently, the Golden quickly makes her way onto her dad’s chest.

She begins by greeting him with slobbery kisses, causing her dad to burst into laughter at her overwhelming cuteness. If this moment wasn’t already sweet enough, the Golden Retriever suddenly drops onto her dad’s chest, falling into a loving hug.

golden retriever photo
Video Screenshot

The Golden Retriever’s adorable interruption is obviously welcome, as her fur dad quickly drops his tools and gives her a big hug. The pup is so content with her dad’s cuddles; you can almost see a smile on the dog’s face.

The hug lasts only a few seconds, but it’s clear that the love they share is immeasurable. This pup clearly loves spending time with her fur dad and probably continued to hang around while he wrapped up his work.

golden retriever photo
Video Screenshot

If you want to witness the heartwarming moment yourself, you can check out the adorable footage below. We hope to see more endearing moments from this pair, because we are officially in love with this affectionate pup!

Does your canine companion go to extraordinary lengths to get your attention? Let us know how in the comments!


Image Source: Video Screenshot

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