An Easy Trick for Your Dog’s Water Bowl to Greatly Improve Their Dental Health


Sadly, canine dental disease is an epidemic. And let’s be honest, we know we should be brushing our dog’s teeth daily, but it can be a huge inconvenience, and many former shelter or rescue dogs don’t take well to the routine, since they probably weren’t sensitized to it as puppies.

Tragically though, many of our dogs are suffering in silence from dental pain, and may be on the road to more serious organ damage that is linked to periodontal disease.

The good news – There are new & easier ways to help prevent dental disease in dogs and freshen their breath.

For example, a water additive is probably one of the easiest (and most inexpensive) ways to maintain your dog’s oral health. Just a little capful of flavorless liquid can boost your dog’s dental hygiene in a very noticeable way.

The product we’ve been using for a few months contains a special oral probiotic that helps fight plaque and tartar, as well as freshen’s your dog’s breath.

The product is safe for both dogs and cats, so if you many animals share the water bowl in your house, it’s a great and easy solution!

Happy, Healthy Dental Water Additive is available on Amazon ($14.99)

or in the iHeartDogs store.

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