Angry Ex Throws Man’s Pug Off 7-Story Balcony During Irrational Argument

Eric Adeson from Clearwater, Florida, is facing a tragedy that he never would’ve anticipated in a million years. Three years ago, when his Puggle named Sandy was going through cancer treatment, he brought home a Pug puppy named Bucky. He thought Bucky could be a friend and playmate to Sandy in the dog’s senior years. But he never thought that Sandy would outlive Bucky.

Bucky’s life came to a sudden end when Adeson’s intoxicated ex-girlfriend got her hands on him. Adeson is heartbroken and furious, but most importantly, he wants to ensure that no one else has to lose their pet in such a horrific and unexpected way.

Tiny Pug Puppy

Argument Gets Out Of Control

Adeson had been dating Shelley Nicole Vaughn on and off for seven months. She was often drunk or taking drugs, but Adeson tried his best to help her. He always encouraged her to go for a walk outside with him, even when they were on a break. Vaughn lived in the same building as Adeson.

One day, Vaughn followed Adeson up to his 7th-floor unit as he tried to convince her to go for a walk with him. While he was changing into something more comfortable, she grew furious out of the blue. She threw his keys and phone off the balcony. When he panicked, she attacked him and scratched him. But then things escalated to Adeson’s worst possible scenario.

Pug Thrown Off Balcony

“[Vaughn] stopped, smiled at Plaintiff (Adeson), picked up his small [Pug] dog ‘Bucky,’ and threw him over the exterior balcony railing to the concrete parking lot below,” the lawsuit states.

The innocent dog died as soon as he made contact with the ground. Adeson screamed in terror as people in the parking lot gathered to see what happened. Adeson wanted to rush down there immediately, but he had to stay near his home to ensure that Sandy didn’t meet the same fate.

Shelley Nicole Vaughn mugshot

Demanding Justice for Bucky

Police showed up shortly after, and Vaughn locked herself in her apartment. Adeson got a restraining order against her to ensure she would never get close to him again. He also filed a lawsuit to bring attention to the situation.

At first, police were unable to take Vaughn into custody. They claimed that the situation wasn’t severe enough for them to knock down the door. But now, Vaughn has been arrested for aggravated animal cruelty, criminal mischief, and domestic battery.

Bucky the Pug

“I would encourage people to love their pets and appreciate their pets and hug their pets tonight,” Adeson said. “Because you don’t know that they’ll be there tomorrow.”

Adeson had only been trying to help Vaughn feel better, so he never expected her to go to such extreme measures to hurt him. He said she was never a fan of his dogs, but he never expected her to throw his dog off the balcony. Nothing can bring Bucky back, but hopefully, he gets the justice he deserves.

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