Angry Neighbor Sickens Puppies With Mystery Powder To Deter Their Barking

When Shaian returned home and let her young pups outside to do their business, she was surprised to see large piles of orange powder dumped along her fence line.

Not only was she deeply concerned because she didn’t have any idea what the powder was, but of course, her seven-month-old puppies didn’t hesitate to devour it once they spotted it in their yard.

Powder on Fence

Shortly after ushering her girls inside, Shaian hopped on the phone and called her housing company to inquire about the heaps of orange powder. Her pups were panting and chugging water, so she really needed to know what it was. But the company claimed that there were no work orders for that day and that no one had been to her property to do any maintenance.

Puppies on bed

In pursuit of answers, Shaian decided to walk next door to ask her neighbor whether or not she knew what had happened. To her surprise, her neighbor admitted that it was her who dumped a stockpile of spicy chili powder over their shared fence. Her neighbor further went on to say that she was frustrated and sleep-deprived from Shian’s rescue dogs’ bothersome barking. The woman then revealed that she searched online for a dog barking deterrent and that chili powder was listed.

“I didn’t know that they would eat it, I just saw it online and thought it would be a good idea since they’re always barking at us and harassing my dog and peeing on the fence line,” claimed her neighbor.

Chili Powder

Shaian recently adopted a pair of female puppies who were heartlessly abandoned and left to die at a known “dump site” nearby. Storm and Rogue, who are now seven months old, are right in the middle of their puppy-training and have yet to master their barking manners. After a mere three months, they still need a bit of work.

This is something that Shaian admits she knew, but didn’t realize it was bothering her neighbor so much. She wishes there could have been a conversation between them instead of her neighbor taking a hasty action that resulted in her sweet puppies getting sick. 


Storm and Rogue

After they ingested all of that spicy chili powder, they were panting and drinking large amounts of water. Plus, they had tummy troubles and diarrhea. But luckily, when Shian called her vet, she was advised to simply monitor her pups and keep an eye on their behaviors. Both of her girls are expected to make a full recovery.

Shian is also incredibly grateful that the impact from the chili powder was minimal. On the day the powder was poured, it was stormy, and two tornadoes touched down in her area. It would have been difficult, if not impossible, to drive them to the vet!

You can view Shian’s TikTok video below, but be advised, she uses some strong language!


The girls got chicken and rice to help calm their tummies and are doing good so far! #greenscreen #karen #adoptdontshop #badneighbors #puppies

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