Artist Turns Old Tires Into Dog Beds For Stray

As important as the environment is, many people won’t go out of their way to reuse and recycle. This was especially clear to artist Amarildo Silva when he noticed how many discarded tires were scattered around Brazil. He also noticed how many stray dogs there were. In fact, the number of abandoned animals in his area greatly outnumbers the amount of homeless people. Luckily, Silva came up with a brilliant way to address both issues.

Whenever Silva walked around the streets, he noticed lots of stray dogs curled up in old tires. That gave him the brilliant idea to repurpose those tires. He realized that he could make them both comfortable and beautiful for these dogs. Plus, it would help eliminate litter on the streets.

Image: @caominhas_pets2/Instagram

The Eco-Friendly Beds

Silva cleans the old tires very thoroughly. Then, he paints them with bright colors and often styles them with bones and paw prints. He adds homemade beds and pillows into the tires to create a unique and adorable bed. He even adds handles on the sides to make them easy to transport.

Image: @caominhas_pets2/Instagram

While the beds were initially made for stray dogs, they soon became far more than just that. Many dog parents also wanted these eco-friendly beds for their own pups. So, Silva began selling the beds to dog lovers in the area as well. He even adds the dogs’ names to personalize the beds.

These colorful beds are loved by dogs of all sizes and even some cats as well. Silva created an Instagram account for his new business, which is where he shares adorable photos of the dogs in their environmentally friendly beds.

Image: @caominhas_pets2/Instagram

A Growing Company

Silva gave his new company the name Caominhas Pets Oficial. The Instagram page now has almost 13,000 followers, including many people outside of Brazil. He dreams of expanding this project worldwide in the future, but right now, he can only sell locally.

I would like to make an appeal to some company or investor who believes in my work, so that we can have more people buy the sustainable product, and everyone will be doing their part with environmental awareness,” said Silva.

Image: @caominhas_pets2/Instagram

In the meantime, Silva continues to find ways to help the environment. He has worked on other eco-friendly projects with old tires such as flower pots and recycling bins. He truly wants to change the world, and of course, helping animals is a huge part of that.

To see more images of adorable dogs in these beds, check out the Caominhas Pets Oficial Instagram page.

Image: @caominhas_pets2/Instagram

Featured Image: @caominhas_pets2/Instagram

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