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From The Vet: You Need To Know What Silent Problem Is Hurting Your Dog

You love your dog and want her to live long and well. You might hear people mention dental hygiene and you know that you are supposed to go to your own dentist. You might even know that dogs need dental care too, but you probably do not really know how important it is. It is truly a life or death issue.

When your dog pants in your face and you want to plug your nose, you think it’s just “dog breath”, right? It may surprise you to know that bad breath is not normal for dogs. Their normal breath might smell like what they have just eaten, but it should not be foul. If there is odor, there is a problem. Problems can be simple dental buildup or they can be complex periodontal disease. In fact, most dogs over the age of three have some form of dental disease.


Animals with dental disease will not seem ill at all. Most will continue to eat, drink and play. We know that animals in the wild with no dental care will pretend to be normal until they can no longer hide it and they slip away to die alone. We want better for the pets in our care. Our dogs are our best friends. It isn’t fair to let them suffer in silence.

Not only is dental disease excruciating because the location of the teeth in the boney skull allows for no swelling, but dental infections have been linked to other serious diseases like heart disease and liver problems. Infected teeth throb and ache. It is a pain like few others. Untreated dental disease will shorten your dog’s life and you won’t even know it was your fault for not addressing it.

Dental pain impacts your dog’s quantity and more importantly his quality of life.

Your dog needs professional dental care and at-home treatment. Let your veterinary team give you a plan for what should be done and when.  They can even show you what to do at home and how. Don’t let your friend suffer in silence. He would do it for you.

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Written by Dr. Kathryn Primm


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