Authorities Slaughtered This Couple’s 12 Dogs, So They Rescued 7 More

Pham Minh Hung and his wife Nguyen Thi Chi Em live in Vietnam with a pack of rescue dogs. Before the couple went to the hospital after catching COVID, they had 15 dogs that they saved from a variety of awful situations. They were so close to the dogs that they even referred to them as their kids.

During a recent COVID lockdown in Vietnam, the couple and some family members fled to find work. One dog passed away, and two others were re-homed along the way, but they kept the other 12 dogs with them as they entered a new province of the country. Unfortunately, the situation quickly took a dark turn.

Vietnam couple saves dogs

Innocent Dogs Culled

When the couple entered Khanh Hung in the Ca Mau province, they both tested positive for COVID. They were rushed to the hospital and forced to leave the dogs behind. While they were in the hospital, they were told that all 12 dogs were culled in fear that they would spread COVID to other humans. Sadly, other countries like Australia have also killed pets for this reason.

“My wife and I cried so much that we couldn’t sleep,” said Pham Minh Hung. “I didn’t want to believe that really happened… I couldn’t do anything to protect my kids.”

It’s unclear how authorities killed the dogs, but it’s suspected that they were burned. The couple is heartbroken. They spent most of their time saving dogs in need, only for them to be killed.

Man traveling with rescue dogs

The couple had used a lot of money to pay off slaughterhouses so the dogs could be saved. Consuming dog meat is still legal in Vietnam, but most people who live there are against it. The couple also used their money to buy food and medicine for their companions.

Couple Goes on Adoption Spree

Many people are outraged at authorities for making a cruel decision. So, locals have raised money for the couple after hearing the horrific news. As soon as they were released from the hospital, they knew exactly how to use the money: to save more dogs!

Now, the couple has rescued seven more dogs. They didn’t adopt them to replace their deceased canines, but instead, they wanted to keep rescuing more dogs as usual. They refused to let heartbreak stop them from saving lives.

Man saving rescue dogs

The couple plans to rescue at least eight more puppies. But this time, they plan to be extra cautious, so these dogs can survive. No matter how many setbacks they face, the two will continue saving dogs.

“We would go into hiding in the jungle if that would save them,” said Nguyen Thi Chi Em. “I won’t let them be killed again because I cannot go through such heartbreak a second time.”

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