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Baseball And Dogs: An American Tradition

Written by: Renee Moen
| Published on June 1, 2015
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Spring training is in full swing as fans gear up for another exciting baseball season. The Milwaukee Brewers have already shown their love and support for wayward canines. Hank, a Bichon mix, went from homeless pet to pampered mascot. Recently another homeless dog was found by Brewer infielder, Scooter Gennet. That Dachshund was taken in by a local rescue. What about the rest of the major league baseball teams or players? Do any of them have canine loyalties? They sure do!

Let’s Hear It For Mark Buelhre

In 2012, Mr. Buelhre was a major league pitcher that signed a contract to the Miami Marlins. Mark and his wife Jamie are quite fond of their American Staffordshire Terrier, Slater. When they became aware of the pit bull ban (which includes the American Staffordshire Terrier) in Miami/Dade county, they moved into an adjoining county. They often spoke publicly concerning breed discrimination. In 2013 Mark Buelhre was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays. While he agreed to play for the team, Mr. Buelhre refused to move his family. Ontario enacted breed restrictive laws for the entire province, which includes Toronto.

Root, Root, Root For The Orioles!

For years players for the Baltimore Orioles have produced a yearly calendar of players posing with their pets. Proceeds go toward the Baltimore Animal Rescue. So far sales have raked in $100,000 for the care center. Team members decided to take the devotion for their dogs a step further and hosted a “Bring your dog to practice day”.

Dog Days Boost

The “Dog Days” of summer usually begin around the end of August. Those are the lazy, hazy days where one would rather lay in a hammock under a shade tree with an ice cold bottle of beer, than swelter in a stadium watching a double header. The higher ups of the Major League Baseball decided to celebrate the “Dog Days” of summer by assigning each team in the league a fictional canine during this period. Here in Colorado, we got ‘Fang’ from the Harry Potter series. Not sure if all that drool is a good thing in the summer heat.

They Call Them The Diamond Dogs

Every season dozens of baseball teams, both major and minor league, host an annual “Bark in the Park”. Fans are encouraged to bring their pups to the game. Dogs infiltrate the field chasing after balls and bats; participate in dog parades, team spirit competitions and other fun events. Often a portion of the ticket sales go to support a local animal shelter or rescue. There may be some requirements such as leashes or vaccinations; age, etc… check the local team site to learn more.



Renee Moen is a veteran shelter employee and certified dog trainer. Specializing in basic obedience and behavior modification, she recognizes each dog for their unique qualities and utilizes those for positive training experiences. Renee is an advocate for dispelling breed myths and denouncing breed discrimination.  All dogs are created equal, owners on the other hand…

 Living in sunny Longmont, Colorado with her husband, two children, two dogs, two cats and five birds, Ms. Moen is also an accomplished writer with five romantic comedies to her credit. She enjoys hiking in the foothills (with her fur babies), roller skating and swimming

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